Golden Nuggets: Jaworski Praises Colin Kaepernick; Seneca Wallace Being Eyed?

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Thursday, August 22, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Good morning people. I've written the Nuggets backwards today. I'm doing the intro last and am finding it hard to add anything more than what I've already stated regarding the various pieces below. It's not much of a lead in, but at least it explains why you're getting shortchanged. Besides, I'm running late (checks watch).

So, let's get you to the links then.

Colin Kaepernick

What a bombshell from Ron Jaworski. Yesterday he said that Colin Kaepernick has the potential to be one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. I have to agree. Potential is a far cry from results, though. His early returns look great, but there's a long way to go. Jaworski, an ex-QB himself, came under fire around here earlier in the offseason for ranking Kap 11th on his QB list for 2013. | Ron Jaworski: ‘Colin Kaepernick could be one of the greatest quarterbacks ever' (

Matt Maiocco discusses Kaepernick's role in Jon Baldwin's potential success. I think he's worthy of the 5th WR spot based on potential and not having much of a trial. They've got to get on the same page as soon as possible if he's going to have any impact. I said it the other day, but damn I wish this trade had been made in April. I understand why it wasn't from both teams perspectives, but... Also, Maiocco's most recent 'three and out' is in it discussing this and other topics. | Kaepernick, Baldwin must click quickly (Maiocco)

Kaepernick honored by Jaworski's ‘greatest quarterback ever' prediction (Inman)

Colin Kaepernick: ‘I'm not a fan' of the black non-contact jersey (BASG)

Kaepernick Among Preseason MVP Favorites (NBC)

Kaepernick on Jaworski's praise: "I'm very flattered by it, but I haven't played a full season yet." (Cohn - Transcript)

Seneca Wallace?

Matt Maiocco broke the news. But I have to think this is a motivational tool for the 49ers backup quarterbacks. Colt McCoy and Scott Tolzien have played poorly enough to give B.J. Daniels a legitimate shot to unseat them. I have to think that Daniels is battling Tolzien to show who has the most upside, thus winning the developmental QB3 role. Then McCoy, Tolzien and possibly Daniels are battling for primary backup. What would cutting Tolzien and bringing a 33-year old Seneca Wallace in accomplish. Wallace didn't play last year and would have to learn a complicated playbook. I'm skeptical. Not with Maiocco's report, but with whether or not the 49ers are truly considering it. | Source: 49ers show interest in QB Seneca Wallace (Maiocco)

Seneca Wallace and 49ers' QB picture (Sando)

Harbaugh Speaks

BASG takes a look at Jim Harbaugh's defense of A.J. Jenkins, even after the player has left town. It's admirable for a man mentoring young men to defend them when he feels they're under attack. But I do think calling people who are paid to analyze a team bullies for reporting that a certain player doesn't look to be able to do his job is a bit much. It looks even less valid once they're proven right. | Jim Harbaugh's latest defense of A.J. Jenkins proves he watches and reads *everything* (BASG)

This post has the Harbaugh presser video embedded. | Jim Harbaugh Defends Young WRs (

How about a transcript from the press conference. | More Harbaugh: On the 49ers back-up QBs, Kaepernick's black practice jersey, and more (Kawakami)

Harbaugh accepts responsibility for Jenkins, Baldwin looks 'good so far' (Gin)

Harbaugh on 2012 AJ-Gate: ‘Of course I'm going to defend young player who's being bullied' (Inman)

Wide Receivers

One of the great things about bringing Anquan Boldin into the fold is that he brings great leadership with him. I didn't know that about him, as you often don't hear that about previously random players from other teams. It's something the wide receiver position could use a dose of. Boldin's experience and the way he makes so much out of, what can basically be described as, a limited physical skill set is something most of our young, talented, yet-to-fully-blossom receivers could learn from. | 49ers like the leadership of Anquan Boldin (Gin)

Scott Pioli, the man who drafted Jon Baldwin, had a lot to say about the young man and his prospects for the future. Pioli's tenure in Kansas City is generally regarded as a failure, but he was a highly regarded football mind before his time in KC, so it's interesting to see what he has to say about our newest Niner. | Pioli: Relationship with Kaepernick will determine Baldwin's fate (Barrows)

Harbaugh takes blame for Jenkins; Baldwin will play (Maiocco)

Jon Baldwin to Debut Sunday (

WRs to Split Coveted Snaps (

Other News

Sheesh, Fooch already did this one, like, days ago. Eric Branch gives you who is available for the practice squad with some tidbits on a few guys he thinks might end up landing on it. | Consolation prize: Who could land on the practice squad? (Branch)

Matt drops some wisdom about the players the 49ers have on the reserve lists. His three and out series video is embedded for you to enjoy. | 49ers' final cuts will not run as deep (Maiocco)

Is there anyone out there who hasn't been impressed by what Corey Lemonier has brought to the table so far? And I thought the only Coreys in my life were Feldman and Haim. | Lemonier Brings Depth to 49ers LBs (

Here are Matt Barrows' notes on many topics, thus it sits in the 'other' section. | 49ers notes: Harbaugh solves Mystery of the Black Jersey (Barrows)

YES!!! | RB Hunter ready to make his exhibition debut (Inman)

One Mistake Turns Up The Heat (49erswebzone)

WR draft review following A.J. Jenkins trade (Sando)

Podcast - AJ Jenkins TRADED?! Great Googley Moogley. (61:49) (49erswebzone)

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Do you think Kaepernick has received too much attention / praise this offseason? Not enough? What's earned?

Do you think Kap and Baldwin have enough time to actually make an impact this season?

What about Seneca Wallace? Would the 49ers actually consider cutting Colt McCoy or Scott Tolzien to bring him in?

And, finally, what about Harbaugh defending Jenkins until the end? Admirable or misguided?

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