Cap Casualties?

The niners are finalizing the roster this week. We currently have over 7M in cap space, but there is a provision that allows teams to roll-over unused cap space to the next year. They have to fill out a form, and not every team has done this, but we are assuming the FO plans on using this cap space in 2014.

As we finalize the roster, is there anyone else you see as a potential cap casualty? Here are the top cap savings we could get if we let these players go. The gross savings does not account for the cost of the replacement player. This means that the guys on the bottom of the list will not save us much. There also might be a couple of nuances in the contracts that don't show up here, but this is close enough for our purposes. If you see an error, please call it out and I will update the numbers.

I've identified the backups that are known for their special teams play as "ST Ace." Expect us to keep at least 4 of these players. We also need to identify the second gunner to play with CJ Spillman. I'm not sure who they have planned for that role.

Anyway, the targets:

Player Position Role Gross Savings If Cut
Gore, Frank RB Starter $6,050,000 Don't even think about it!
Boldin, Anquan WR Starter $6,000,000 Don't even think about it!
Whitner, Donte SS Starter $3,850,000 Reid's security blanket.
Rogers, Carlos CB Starter $2,760,938 Carlos, 6+ INTs this year or we need to talk.
Staley, Joe LT Starter $2,600,000 Don't even think about it!
Goodwin, Jonathan C Starter $2,500,000
Davis, Vernon TE Starter $2,336,168 Don't even think about it!
Manningham, Mario WR PUP $1,800,000 What if our new receiving group is tearing it up by week 6? Do we still need this guy?
Asomugha, Nnamdi CB 3rd CB $1,750,000
McCoy, Colt QB Backup $1,500,000
Brown, Tarell CB Starter $1,425,000
Brock, Tramaine CB Backup $1,323,000
Dawson, Phil PK Starter $1,250,000
Baldwin, Jon WR Backup $1,061,510 Jon, show us something before Mario is ready to come back.
Lee, Andy P Starter $1,050,000
Skuta, Dan OLB/ILB ST Ace $1,000,000
Osgood, Kassim WR ST Ace $940,000 Kassim, you need to beat out Ventrone and hope other positions don't need to carry an extra player.
Spillman, C.J. FS/SS ST Ace $916,667
Ventrone, Raymond FS ST Ace $880,000 Who are you again?
Boone, Alex RG Starter $870,000
Wallace, Seneca QB Backup $840,000 Seneca, stay put for a sec while we keep shopping Colt.
Jennings, Brian LS Starter $719,000 Say it ain't so, but it maybe good-bye.
Crabtree, Michael WR PUP $716,000
Wright, Eric CB NFI $715,001
Collie, Austin WR Backup $715,000 Bubble (if we carry a 6th WR it will probably be a special teams guy).
Hawkins, Lavelle WR Backup $715,000 Lavelle, we are going to need another TD this week, and no penalties. Can you do that?
Dahl, Craig FS/SS ST Ace $683,334
Snyder, Adam RG/RT Backup $650,000
Dixon, Anthony RB ST Ace $630,000
Williams, Kyle WR 3rd Receiver $630,000 Remember how we said we didn't need you to return punts? We might have changed our minds.
McBath, Darcel SS/FS IR $630,000
Moore, Marlon WR Starter $630,000

Remember, the savings listed are gross numbers. For example, if Anthony Dixon was let go and replaced by a rookie making 405k, then the net savings would be 630k - 405k = 225k. Still good, but not nearly as big as the gross number implies. I cut the list off at 630k gross.

OK nation, thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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