Week 2: Predictions from the Monkeys and I

First off, WHAT A GAME! It kept me on the edge of my seat until the very last second. My compliments to the Green Bay Packers.

Second, for the Monkeys. IN YOUR FACE! My overall predictions were 14-2 (Ok OI, it was 12-4, that's what I get for typing this on the quick), the Monkeys were 9-7. There was also a post from OffensiveInterference that I will add here.

AK: 12/4, three underdogs picked; two underdog winners.
Monkeys: 7/9; four underdogs picked; one underdog winner.
49ersraze: 8/8, seven underdogs picked (he did say he was going bold); one underdog winner.
OffInt: 9/7: five underdogs picked; one underdog winner.

Ak looks to be the clear leader, 49ersraze & OffInt close to knotted, simians gots fleas. (I’d add Zack here with the monkeys and fleas at 7/9 for agreeing with the not-cool monkeys and for being a monkey-wannabe, but he probably has a flea collar.)

(Oh, and if anyone is curious, 49ersraze was 8-8, zacksf was 9-7 (7-9, thanks again OI) by default, and OffensiveInterference was 9-7)

My apologies for posting so late for the 3 of you who read this post. College started up here this week, so I'm using that as my excuse for being lazy. There are some interesting matchups this week, so on with the picks!

New York Jets @ New England Patriots - Congrats NY Jets, you got a win! Hope you got your celebrations in, because your rookie QB is going against the hoodie. My pick: New England Patriots

Monkey's pick: New York Jets

St. Louis Rams @ Atlanta Falcons - Both teams come off of close games. Falcons are looking for someone to beat up on. They win, but the Rams won't just lay there and die for them. My pick: Atlanta Falcons

Monkey's pick: St. Louis Rams

San Diego Chargers @ Philadelphia Eagles - I think Rivers and Romo should collaborate on a book titled How to lose a game when you are in the lead. Oh, and Philly will do well this week with their up-tempo offense; after all, it's only week 2. My pick: Philadelphia Eagles

Monkey's pick: San Diego Chargers

Dallas Cowboys @ Kansas City Chiefs - This game will come down to turnovers. The Phoenix doesn't turn the ball over very much; Romo, well, lol. My pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Monkey's pick: Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins @ Indianapolis Colts - I think both teams are on the rise. Both seem to have some flaws though. I'm going with the home team. My pick: Indianapolis Colts

Monkey's pick: Miami Dolphins

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans - Tennessee is going in 1-0. However, Houston is quite a bit better than that previous team you faced. My pick: Houston Texans

Monkey's pick: Houston Texans

Washington Redskins @ Green Bay Packers - Two mobile QB's in two weeks. Has Green Bay learned from last week? You betcha'! My pick: Green Bay Packers

Monkey's pick: Washington Redskins

Cleveland Browns @ Baltimore Ravens - I'm going with my surprise pick of the week here. I think week 1 will shake up the Browns enough to snap their funk. My pick: Cleveland Browns

Monkey's pick: Baltimore Ravens

Carolina Panthers @ Buffalo Bills - Tough game to decide, but I think that Carolina's front 7 disrupt the rookie just enough. My pick: Carolina Panthers

Monkey's pick: Buffalo Bills

Minnesota Vikings @ Chicago Bears - If the Vikings are going to win, they need to do two things. One, pressure Cutler. Two, Ponder needs to step up. I don't think they accomplish both. My pick: Chicago Bears

Monkey's pick: Minnesota Vikings

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers - This is simple. The Buc's lost to the Jets. Let me say that again. The Bucs lost to the Jets. If you can't stop the Jets, how the blazes do you stop the Saints? My pick: New Orleans Saints

Monkey's pick: New Orleans Saints

Detroit Lions @ Arizona Cardinals - Both of these teams impressed me. Arizona looked better than Minnesota did, and I think the Lions hit a brick wall. My pick: Arizona Cardinals

Monkey's pick: Detroit Lions

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Oakland Raiders - I really, really wanted to pick a 0-0 tie here. Even though both are cruddy teams, Oakland shows a (tiny) bit more promise. My pick: Oakland Raiders

Monkey's pick: Oakland Raiders

Denver Broncos @ New York Giants - Oh goody, another bro v bro match. I'm still reeling over the last one. (Wait, it's just the Mannings? Nevermind then.) Peyton > Eli, Broncos>Giants. Peyton will have a letdown, which will mean only 5 TD's. My pick: Denver Broncos

Monkey's pick: New York Giants

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks - Probably our toughest regular season game. Seattle always plays tough at home, and the noise there is incredible. The Niners need to improve the time management and run it up the gut more. Seattle has a weakness in their front 7, and for the Niners to win they will need to exploit that. Oh, and get the General some TD's. My pick: San Francisco 49ers (What, you think I'd pick against my own team? I think not!)

Monkey's pick: San Francisco 49ers

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals - Bengals blundered last week. Steelers just look bad, and without their star center it'll be a long day. My pick that the Steelers are the bottom of the AFC North just may be justified. My pick: Cincinnati Bengals

Monkey's pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Some good games this weekend. GO NINERS!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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