Fantasy Talk Week 2 Start ems

There are tons of Fantasy "gurus" out there. A guru I am not. I do believe in following the injury report, looking at defensive and offensive match-ups and occasionally going with my gut in order to make my calls. This week there are some obvious and not so obvious guys to sit/start based on the numbers alone. I'd rather point out the overlooked because we all know who those guys are to start every week. I'm am definitely starting Beast Mode this week although I think his stretch of three games with 100+YDS rushing could come to an end this Sunday. That said let's look at some of the not so obvious guys you might consider this week.


Terrelle Pryor (OAK) vs Jacksonville. Against possibly the only team worse than OAK look for Pryor to gain points with his legs as well as his arms again. With Darren McFadden running wild the Jaguars will become one dimensional are really open up some lanes for Pryor to throw and run. Prediction: Pass - 22/35 276 YDS 2 TD Rush - 8 54 YDS TD

Carson Palmer (AZ) vs Detroit: Palmer had a day that caught plenty of people by surprise. Look for the Palmer to Fitzgerald connection to continue against an up and down Lions Defense that will definitely keep the QB busy in the backfield. Despite a few sacks the Detroit secondary's holes will be exploited early and often. With a strong Cardinals' D that will give Matthew Stafford and company trouble moving the ball all day long Palmer will have his chance to get his numbers. Prediction: Pass - 29/42 293 YDS 3 TD

Honorable mention: Look for Michael Vick to come up big against a Chargers team that is struggling to find itself.

WR: I know I put QB/WR ahead of RB but this is a passing league and it makes sense to layout what's hot first.

T.Y. Hilton (IND) vs MIA: After last week the coaches have vowed to get Hilton more touches. With TE Dwayne Allen banged up and possibly out, Coby Fleener struggling, and Reggie Wayne getting double teamed T.Y. Hilton is primed for a break out game. Miami gave up almost 300 yds to Brandon Weeden last week. Hilton has too much talent to not get his numbers especially when Luck will most certainly be looking his way regularly.

Prediction: 9 REC 124 YDS TD

Steve Smith (CAR) @ Buffalo Bills. The Bills secondary is beat up. Even against what many people believe is the best secondary in the NFL in the Seattle Seahawks Smith managed 6 REC 51 YDS and 1 TD. Those numbers should expand. Smith could be a fantasy leader in Week 2. Prediction 11 REC 98 YDS 1 TD.

Honorable mention: DeSean Jackson. Like Vick DeSean Jackson should thrive against a lackluster Chargers Defense. He should have similar numbers to Andre Johnson 12 REC 146 YDS but Jackson should find pay dirt.


Daryl Richardson (STL) @ Atlanta Falcons: Richardson didn't do much in an match against conference foes Arizona Cardinals. Every win that comes within the NFC West will be earned as they all boast tough defenses. ATL is not NFC West team vs the run and Richardson should break out despite a nagging foot injury. With new weapons all over the field in the passing game look for Richardson to be involved in all phases. Prediction: 115 YDS 1 TD, 3 REC 45 YDS .

Eddie Lacy (GB) vs Washington Redskins: Eddie Lacy is one of the NFL's most talented young backs. He did well against what is probably the most physical Defense in the game in the San Francisco 49ers in week 1. Washington had no answer for Shady McCoy in Chip Kelly's NFL Blur Offense debut. Now with the receiving talent that Green Bay will have on the field Eddie lacy will find himself helping set things up all game. Prediction: 95 YDS 1TD, 5 REC 44 1 TD

Honorable mention: Matt Forte should have a BIG day vs division rival MIN. Cutler will be stretching the field deep and Forte will be busy both running and catching out of the backfield.


Tony Gonzalez (ATL) vs St. Louis Rams: With Roddy White hobbled and the Rams strong front 7 T.G. is in a position to exploit the young but talented St. Louis Defense. Prediction 13 REC 125 YDS 1 TD

Jared Cook (STL) @ Atlanta Falcons: Flip the script and start Cook against a Falcons D that has trouble stopping pretty much any good TE. Now they did limit Jimmy Graham last week , though he still found the endzone but they committed to doing so and at a cost. The dynamic that St. Louis brings is more smash mouth and look for that to setup Jared Cook for some good numbers. Prediction: 10 REC 88 YDS TD

Honorable mention: If you were the lucky winner who claimed Julius Thomas off waivers during the Denver Massacre of the Baltimore Ravens last Thursday kudos to you. Who wouldn't be starting that guy?!

D/ST or K: Who really cares? Start your best option. Claim a team against the weakest opponent available. Get a reliable kicker and stick with him. These two are toss-ups. I waited until my last two picks to get both. My D/ST is week to week and I do that with confidence. Last week I had KC in all my leagues!

My Fantasy Conundrum this week is at the QB position in my 10 team league. Ryan, Stafford or Palmer? With Arizona TE Rob Housler out I will probably go with Ryan. I doubt Stafford has the best day against a really talented Cardinals secondary. Megatron vs Patrick Peterson will be a fun one to watch.

Week 2. It's here. I missed getting this in before Thursday but wouldn't have had a person on this list regardless. Next week it all changes anyways! Good luck to all. Except my opponents that is!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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