Everything my eyes tell me is wrong with the 49ers this season so far....


1. I'm one of the few people that really lamented the loss of dashon goldson. I understood the coverage concerns people had with goldson, but what I appreciated was the physical presence he brought to the secondary. He was a sure tackler that could support the run, as well as intimidate opposing receivers.

I see a secondary that tackles poorly, and lacks physicality. Whether its Nnamdi, Cox, or REID. Yes, I said REID. Some of you are going to want to dismiss this post because you told yourself after the Packers game he was the next Ronnie Lott. He is not the next Ronnie Lott, he isn't even close to the physical player or tackler that Lott was.

Reid is a good cover corner it appears, and he plays the ball well. Now if that is what you covet in a safety then Reid is your man. I can accept him being a cover corner, but your safeties must be able to tackle. And Reid is missing too many tackles, now he isn't the only one, but I'm shining a light on him because I've heard fans making ridiculous comparisons with him. Once again, safeties must be solid tacklers because they are often the last line of defense.

2. Our nickel back Nnamdi is mediocre in coverage and can't tackle to save his life. The problem is Cox can't tackle much better. We have gotten away with a suspect defensive backfield for two years but the lack of quality depth behind our average starters is really costing us so far this season.

3. Defensive penalties on 3rd down are making a difficult defensive reality this season and turning it into one that even a good offensive team wouldn't be able to overcome.

Land let's face it currently we are mediocre offensively.


1. Our offensive woes are all about our lack of receivers and our inexperienced QB, and the play calling. The O line and the running backs are not the problem. Is there still anyone out there amongst the 49er faithful that still doesn't understand the difference between pre season and the regular season when assessing talent level? Practice and not pre season games is where most of the evaluation is done in the off season.

Our 2nd and 3rd receivers are not helping CK, their route running is lazy and indecisive, and they are dropping catchable balls. But to be fair, for every ball they drop CK is throwing 3 inaccurate ones, or he is gunning a ball that doesn't need to be. CK's pocket decision making is also leaving a lot to be desired.

CK is locking onto his 1st read for too long. He is missing check down opportunities that would create 3rd and manageable, and he is missing opportunities to take running lanes when they present themselves, even on 3rd and short. CK has attempted difficult throws, or throws into tight coverage that have resulted in a turnover on downs, when he could have easily ran for the first down. CK is also failing to realize that it is his responsibility to make the "spy" on him miss when he scrambles out of the pocket. He has been sliding way too much when faced with one defender.

2. Play calling has also been a real issue. The 49ers want to get their run game going, but outside of the packers game in which zone was played almost exclusively outside of 3rd down and long, defense haven't respected our receivers. As good as our O line is, asking them to take on stacked boxes constantly is silly and nonproductive. We should be spreading defenses out, getting our many slot receiver types in open space where they can work.

And making it extremely difficult on defenses to contain CK. And you can still run the ball but from a spread look. This is going to be necessary this year because without Delanie Walker's blocking presence we are just not as affective taking on 7 and 8 man fronts tight to the line of scrimmage.

The drop off in effectiveness in our multiple tight end sets is really affecting our ability to dictate bad matchups for defenses. Because of this we must adapt to this current reality and stop fighting it. I personally would prefer to use a short passing game to set up our running game, but we lack not only the receivers to do that, we lack the QB to do that. CK simply doesn't have the ability to consistently line up under center and read the defense at the line of scrimmage at this time.

There is more adversity coming this year, so I hope the fans but more importantly the team is ready for it. It's important to show professionalism during times of adversity even when you have nothing left to play for. Now obviously we aren't in that situation yet, but this 49er team needs to bring that type of attitude to their preparation before the season gets away from them.

I thought we would defeat the colts and the Rams game would go along way in telling me what type of team we had. Well I was partially correct, because make no mistake, the Rams game is a season make or break game because of this colts loss.

PS - You fellas better get some thick skin because as a 49er fan we are going to be taking a lot of shit for the next few weeks if not longer. And believe me it stings a helluva lot more when you have great expectations as opposed to when you have been a perrenial loser many years. For some of you this may be a first time experience. So buckle up that chin fan chin strap.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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