Notes from the Rams game:

1- The run game lives!

2- Brock was solid as a third corner. His play on the tipped ball to Whitner was a thing of beauty, running with the receiver stride for stride while looking back for the ball. It can't be done much better.

3- Glen Dorsey now has two sacks in four games after only getting four in five years in Kansas City. It's even more surprising considering that he looks like he's well over 300 lbs at the moment. Bizarrely, on his sack the Rams kept eight blockers in pass protection. It was a playaction and they somehow managed to triple team both Justin Smith and Ray McDonald while the fullback picked up a blitzing Bowman which left the center trying to block Dorsey in space. That's how you surrender a quick sack to a four man rush with eight blockers.

4- The Rams defense is not built to play from behind, they're all about pass rush and if you don't need to throw you can reduce the impact of their best players. However, as they can't run at all they'll also struggle to burn the clock to hold a lead. So they are fine as long as they are neither ahead or behind.

5- Vance McDonald looks to be getting his legs under him, his blocking has improved considerably.

6- No sacks but Lemonier was active and consistently creating pressure, a decent debut.

7- While Bowman looked great rushing the passer he was really abetted by some woeful blitz pickup by the St Louis runners. You want your back to go out to meet the rusher and then win the physical contact; you might not complain if he plays 'Russian Land War', losing the block after meeting the blitzer early enough to buy some time for his qb or reacting late but overpowering the linebacker. Getting there late and then crumbling in the face of a rampaging Bowman is some way short of ideal. Their tackles are banged up and they're starting Chris Williams at guard, Bradford is going to get beaten to a pulp.

8- The niner coverage units really hunted as a pack. It's nice to see quality special teamers like Osgood, Miller, Spillman, Stupar and Willhoite consistently getting downfield and making plays.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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