2013 Game-by-Game Predictions

It is that time of the year again when the games are about to kick off. So with that, I am making my own predictions as to how this season will turn out for the 49ers this year. I am trying to be as objective as possible given what I know now, and not accounting for stuff like injuries and momentum that will greatly affect the season, but is not known at this point.

Week 1: Green Bay Packers

This game should be high-scoring as both offenses are great. Thought the Colin Kaepernick had his way with the Packers defense in the playoffs, I think that the Packers are better prepared this time around to stop him and the read option this time around. But even so, the offense should find success against that rebuilt defense.

Score: 49ers 30, Packers 27

Week 2: at Seattle Seahawks

The 49ers usually play terrible at CenturyLink Field against the 12th Man. I am expecting another such blowout this year given that the Seahawks are better than last year's team, the 49ers are without Michael Crabtree against that secondary, and the 12th Man will be out for even more blood.

Score: Seahawks 35, 49ers 10

Week 3: Indianapolis Colts

The Colts should put up some good numbers with that offense of theirs. But their defense is still a work in progress. The 49ers should be able to put up lots of points against that defense.

Score: 49ers 38, Colts 24

Week 4: at St. Louis Rams

The 49ers are playing with only four days to prepare and having to travel across two time zones. Usually, that spells bad news for the road team. As for the Rams, the 49ers couldn't beat them last year, and they are a much better team after adding Tavon Austin. This is a statement game for the Rams, which is why I can't see them winning under these conditions.

Score: Rams 27, 49ers 20

Week 5: Houston Texans

It's a game that matches two strong defenses. This game is expected to be low-scoring, and this game is a coin flip. I think that with the extended week that it gives the 49ers the advantage over the Texans. Especially given that they are coming off a tough loss against the Rams.

49ers 17, Texans 16

Week 6: Arizona Cardinals

Not much to say about this game. The Cardinals are on the rise, but it's too soon for them to bear any fruit.

49ers 34, Cardinals 10

Week 7: at Tennessee Titans

The Titans are talented, but they are only as good as Jake Locker will allow them to be, and so far it's not very good.

49ers 23, Titans 10

Week 8: at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars are just terrible, especially with Blaine Gabbert playing the way he is. The 49ers will win this one easily considering that the 49ers are expected to have a bigger presence in London than the Jaguars.

49ers 35, Jaguars 6

Week 9: Bye

Time for the 49ers to rest up sitting on a 6-2 record.

Week 10: Carolina Panthers

The Panthers can score with Cam Newton behind center. The problem is that they just can't stop anybody. The 49ers should put up the points against that defense.

49ers 37, Panthers 20

Week 11: at New Orleans Saints

This game should be a shootout as the Saints have a ton of weapons that Drew Brees is throwing to. That defense is still a work in progress after it couldn't get any worse for them last season. But with Sean Payton back and a brand new scheme, plus the home crowd behind them, this will be a tough game to win.

Saints 35, 49ers 31

Week 12: at Washington Redskins

In the second game of a back-to-back features the battle of read-option passers between Kaepernick and RG3. But it all comes down to talent, and the 49ers are more talented than the Redskins. Either way, it should be close.

49ers 28, Redskins 24

Week 13: St. Louis Rams

The Rams took the first game, but the 49ers have had enough and will this time they will break through after going 0-2-1 against a Rams team coached by Jeff Fisher. Colin Kaepernick finally figures out the Rams this time around.

49ers 24, Rams 13

Week 14: Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks will have Percy Harvin and Bruce Irvin in this meeting unlike in their week 2 meeting, and even though the 49ers will be the hungrier team having been embarrassed during their last two meetings, talent wins out as the Seahawks have more of it than the 49ers.

Seahawks 20, 49ers 17

Week 15: at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is a trap game for the 49ers here as it is sandwiched between two huge games, and this one being an early game, which is usually bad for a West Coast team. But after a tough loss against the Seahawks in which their NFC West hopes were dashed, the 49ers are looking to get back on track any way they can.

49ers 24, Buccaneers 14

Week 16: Atlanta Falcons

In a rematch of the NFC Championship Game to close out Candlestick Park, the 49ers will have their hands full against Matt Ryan and company. The 49ers will have emotion on their side as they want to have their last ever memory at the Stick be one that ends in victory, but the Falcons do just a bit more with all those receiving threats.

Falcons 31, 49ers 27

Week 17: at Arizona Cardinals

The 49ers are getting ready for the postseason, and while the Cardinals will put up more of a fight in this one, they are still not ready to challenge the 49ers.

49ers 24, Cardinals 10

Final Record: 11-5, 2nd in the NFC West, wild card

So in all, I am predicting a record of 11-5 with loss, which is good enough for a wild card. As much as I think that this team is capable of returning to the Super Bowl and win it all, I just think that not having Crabtree for most of the season is going to hurt, and that their secondary will be hurting really badly if the pass rush has an off game. The Seahawks were great last season and they should be even better this season given that it took a half a season to reach their full potential and finished just a half a game back of the 49ers for the NFC West title. Another thing working against the 49ers this season is that they will have the Super Bowl curse on them. But with this team, I can see anywhere from 10-6 to 13-3.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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