Some observations & thoughts from week 1 win against Packers

During the game, I made some observations and wanted to note them here via a FanPost.

These are my initial random thoughts based on the first watching of the game during the live TV broadcast. Some of these were formed in the heat of the moment, while others have swirled around in my mind all evening. Since I have the game on DVR, I'll watch it more carefully in the next couple of days to see if my initial observations are right or wrong. Please add your own thoughts in the comments section.

- Kaep looks more composed than last season. More in command of the offense and less reliant on initial reads.

- Kaep occasionally sticks to the first WR in his progression and stares him down.That could make it easier for smart teams with good/veteran defenders to take away some high percentage plays.

- It is good strategy to have a multitude of personnel formations, lots of shifting motions & changing audibles at Line of Scrimmage (LOS). But coaches need to get play call to Kaep earlier in order to avoid costly penalties and wasting precious timeouts. Kaep will get more efficient on his end, but the coaches seem to be stuck given that this has been a recurring problem since 2011.

- Willis looked a bit rusty & slow. Perhaps being out of action for 6 weeks and not being 100% was affecting him. Need him to be better against Lynch & Wilson in week 2.

- Boldin!!!

- Vernon!!!

- Based on some run plays, my snap reaction was that Gore may have lost another half-step. His lack of speed is very noticeable compared to when Hunter is in the game.

- Reid!!! BUT, Reid needs to be a bit more careful with those big hits. He comes out of nowhere at full speed and goes for max impact hit. We need him for 19 games. He may have to go against his instincts to slow down a bit and not sacrifice the body too much in the short term.

- As the 3rd CB, Asomugha is above average in coverage but below average as a tackler in open space.This will be a season long issue. The comments by Harbaugh, Whitner et al about improving in the tackling department will not make a difference in Nnamdi's tackling ability.

- More touches for Vance McDonald please.

- Was surprised that we didn't see any CB/S blitzes against Rodgers. Now I am thinking that Fangio is saving that as a surprise element for other games.

- Where was Lemonier? Would be nice to see him play 5-10 snaps to provide occasional rest for Brooks/Aldon starting in week 2. With Wilson running all over the place, fresh & rested pass rushers will come in handy, especially late in the game.

- There were ~18 targets for Boldin which are obviously too much. We need to spread the ball more. Get Moore & Patton involved.

- I am worried about crowd noise in Seattle. Not sure if we can have same number/type of formation changes, shifting and last second audibles at LOS. Game plan should account for crowd-noise complexity so that we don't get unnecessary penalties which then puts us in unfavorable down & distance situations.

- Early prediction for week 2: Niners over Seahawks: 23 - 20

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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