Golden Nuggets: Happy New Year!!! (And Other 49ers News)

Christian Petersen

Wednesday, January 1st, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Happy New Year, everyone. I hope it's been a safe one for you and everyone involved. Ours is long gone here in Australia, and with the newborn, I was ready for bed early. I stuck it out to the end. It should be noted that the 49ers are 5-0 in the Quincy Malone era, after going 7-4 pre-Quincy.

To the links...

49ers vs Packers News

It's now official. Clay Matthews will not play this weekend for the Packers. He did some dirty business in our Week 1 encounter and losing him will impair the Green Bay defense even more than it already is. | 49ers' enemy sidelined for playoff game (Maiocco)

Phil Dawson and his golden leg may be needed in Green Bay. I think the 49ers win this one more easily than the average person thinks. But it's nice to know Phil has made some big kicks in the cold. | Weather-tested Dawson will enter frigid Green Bay with NFC honor (Branch)

I really think that Frank Gore is going to make the Packers pay for holding him to 44 yards in Week 1. | Good news for Gore: Packers' struggling run defense is next (Branch)

Packers' Rodgers denies he's gay, turns focus to Sunday's playoff rematch with 49ers (Inman)

Will 49ers' continue to blitz Rodgers? (ESPN)

Packers have some tickets to move before Sunday (PFT)

CB Wright has ‘very strong disdain' for Packers because of childhood memories; Rogers hasn't ruled himself out (Inman)

49ers notes: Staley wanted rubber match with Packers' Matthews (Barrows)

Carlos Rogers and the Secondary

How do people feel about Carlos Rogers right now? He was solid for the first part of the season but his play has been sliding of late. I feel confident that he won't be back in 2014 with that salary of his. I think the more hands on deck, the merrier against Aaron Rodgers and the pass-happy Pack. | 49ers CB Carlos Rogers not expected to play (NFP)

Report: Rogers' hamstring expected to keep him out of playoff opener; Dawson honored again (Inman)

Rogers' hamstring 'ain't bad' (Maiocco)

Eric Wright Offers Versatility to 49ers Secondary (

Good Bye Tom Drevno

I don't understand why Drevno is taking the same job he has with the 49ers at USC. Doesn't make much sense, unless he knows something we don't or has some sort of promotion in the works. | Report: 49ers OL coach Tim Drevno will leave for USC (Gin)

The bigger question that the Drevno departure raises is…Who's next? | Drevno to exit Harbaugh's staff. Who's next? (Barrows)

Harbaugh wishes ‘trusted agent' Drevno well on his impending departure to USC (Inman)

Lingering Cardinals vs 49ers News

Christian Gin has some notes on our Week 17 matchup. NaVorro Bowman is a beast, Carlos Rogers struggled and the pass rush was non-existent. | 49ers vs. Cardinals Film Review: No pass rushing involved (Gin)

Kevin Lynch takes a look at Greg Roman's play-calling in the game against the Cardinals. This is critical, because if we're going to go on the road 3 times in route to the Super Bowl, we're going to need him at his best. | 49ers offensive play-calling: A review (SF Gate)

Misc Player News

BASG has a piece on Frank Gore. We're expecting big things from him against the lackluster Packers defense. Who do you expect to carry the day? | The mystical (and sometimes angry) Frank Gore (BASG)

How good was Quinton Patton? Any production from the No. 3 WR will be greatly appreciated now that Mario Manningham is out for the playoffs. I can't wait to see him now and in the future. | Receiver Patton Now Poised to Contribute to 49ers (NBC)

Dawson named NFC Special Teams Player of the Week (Maiocco)

Misc Team News

Bill Williamson took a look at the last four games of the season. Our pass defense has regressed and the we've had trouble in the red zone. Other than that it's been brilliant! | 49ers' fourth-quarter checkpoint (ESPN)

I don't usually link to Mike Florio, but this piece is relatively relevant. I don't like any re-tooling of the playoffs that would remove lesser division-winners from the equation…but re-seeding them based on record…I can get on board. | NFL playoffs should be seeded without regard to division championships (PFT)

What's your favorite moment from 2013? | Most Memorable 49ers Moments of 2013 (

Harbaugh considers spending a week on the road (Maiocco)

Power Rankings: No. 4 San Francisco 49ers (ESPN)

Nineris Fidelis (49erswebzone)

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