Jim Harbaugh talks cornerbacks, early travel and more

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh met with the media Friday morning before the team left for Charlotte. It was a usual end of week press conference from Coach Harbaugh, who was fairly short and to the point. We've got a transcript for your viewing pleasure.

As you prepared for this game, how much was the focus just on getting their bodies right and more mental than physical?

"It was both, both those things."

Just the fact that I know you kind of worked the schedule a little bit different for earlier practice times, you haven't done that in the past on Eastern games have you?


Why did you do it this week?

"Just felt like it was the thing to do this week."

Does this game to you have sort of a throwback feel? Two teams that like to run the ball, two teams with good defenses. Did you get that sense with this game coming up?

"Throwback, no, I think you see that often this time of the year."

Cold-weather games, that sort of thing?

"Playoff games."

How important is it during this time of year to not only get your work in, but to keep the environment loose and a little bit more relaxed and have fun, especially this time of year?

"Well, I think loose and focus is what we always strive for."

How do you feel about the week of preparation for your offensive line?

"How do I think it was?"

Yeah, how was it?

"Very good."

Did you guys have to challenge them a little bit more this week based on what happened in Week 10?

"In terms of our offensive line?"



Does CB Carlos Rogers have a chance to play this Sunday?

"I don't know what the percentage would be, but suppose there's a chance. He'd be questionable for the game."

You guys already have CB Tramaine Brock and CB Tarell Brown. You'd have to consider them both starters. How good do you feel about those guys as a tandem?

"Very good. I thought they played extremely well in the secondary last week. Those five guys that played darn near every play of the game did some outstanding things and I think they prepared themselves very well this week. So, we have a lot of confidence in our secondary players."

CB Perrish Cox is stepping in and picking up right where he left off. Can you talk about the challenges of a guy who hasn't been there for two months, to step in and play with the stakes so high?

"Yeah, very similar to what [FB] Will Tukuafu did. As a team, as a coach, you thank those two men for accomplishing what they did. Being ready, being prepared and then being good when it mattered. So, I think it is quite an accomplishment and worth talking about, worth remarking about. In Perrish's case, he had a very good week of preparation, got into the game, and really got on a roll and finished it nicely."

Will you have a guest speaker address the team Saturday night?

"Not one that's planned."

Do you often do that?


You had mentioned that you had thought about this scenario and keeping the team back east. What ultimately played into the decision to come back?

"Well, the question was asked, ‘have you thought about staying out after the Green Bay game?' Did I think about it? Yes, I thought about it. Not very long, and felt like the better thing to do for us was to come back here. So, I think when you asked me, ‘did I think about it?' I said, ‘yes I've thought about it.' Maybe you thought that I thought about it a lot more than I did. There was a possibility. It was a very quick thought and made the decision it was better to come back here."

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