Golden Nuggets: Road Revenge

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Saturday, January 11, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

I want just as much as anyone for the 49ers to get to the Superbowl, but that's not the only reason for them to win this Sunday. The Carolina Panthers embarrassed the Niners at home, handing them a tough and bitter loss at Candlestick. I would love nothing more than to do the same to them on their home turf. But not just any win, I want a statement win. I don't care about the final margin the 49ers win by, I want them beat up. The Panthers' O and D lines totally pushed around their red and gold counterparts, beating San Francisco at their strength. This is where I want the 49ers to dominate in Carolina. I'm going to be watching the trenches closely, because I want those Panthers black and blue and I'm not talking about their team colors. Let's win this thing and let's win it physically.

49ers vs. Panthers

Underdog Panthers look to upend 49ers again (Yahoo)

A look at the quarterbacks and the defensive fronts of both teams. | 3TFO: 49ers @ Panthers, Divisional Round (PFF)

BASGcast (Ep. 75): 49ers-Panthers Preview (BASG)

49ers' Offensive Line, Receivers Are Key vs. Panthers (NBC)

O-Line Seeks Redemption Against Panthers (Scout)

I'm smiling a bit by the use of the word "experts" in the title. | Experts Predict Outcome of 49ers-Panthers Game (49ers)

One of the team's more delicious road trip rituals. | San Jose delicatessen helps fuel 49ers' appetite for winning on the road (Inman)

49ers expect Cam Newton to run more than previous meeting (Gin)

Well this one is more about an ex-49er and he was talking about the Pro-Bowl. | Slam Newton: Ex 49er Jennings says Panthers QB owes him $25K (Barrows)

Player Spotlights

Michael Crabtree puts 49ers in good hands (SJMN)

The Cam and Colin show. | NFL-Young quarterbacks hold key to Panthers and 49ers clash (Yahoo)

Colin Kaepernick and Cam Newton similar in size and success (SJMN)

49ers rookie Patton enjoying chance (ESPN)

49ers' Rogers not expected to play against Panthers (Maiocco)

Perrish Cox likely to be nickel at Carolina (ESPN)

Gamesmanship or just plain hotdogging? | Steve Smith admits he was just making up numbers (PFT)

49ers' kicker Phil Dawson doesn't get free advice (SJMN)

Late roster pickups Cox, Tukuafu step up (Maiocco)

Team Notes

The 49ers' 10 greatest playoff wins (Lynch)

Morning Tailgate: Glenn Dorsey Likes His Position (49ers)

49ers Turn to Tech for Postseason Advantage (NBC)

Flu fight: 49ers' playoff run counts on vitamin C to dodge swine flu (SJMN)

Here's Crabtree being Crabtree and keeping it loose. | 49ers quarterbacks catch flak from Crabtree (Branch)


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