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49ers vs. Panthers, NFL playoffs 2014: Full game-day coverage of San Francisco's Divisional matchup

The San Francisco 49ers continue their road through 2014 NFL playoffs, traveling to face the Carolina Panthers. The game is listed as a pick 'em, and the winner advances to the NFC Championship Game to face the Seattle Seahawks. We've got all the necessary information from TV and odds details, to inactives and game threads, to recaps and interesting/funny GIFs. 49ers-Packers Injury Report | Sign up here and join the discussion!

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49ers advance to NFC Championship Game

The 49ers defeated the Panthers 23-10 to advance to the NFC Championship Game. It's about to get crazy, y'all.


49ers-Panthers fourth quarter game thread

Your fourth quarter game thread. Enjoy the discussion!


Kap shows off his Superman celebration

The San Francisco 49ers scored a huge touchdown early in the second half, taking a 20-10 lead in a game that has been rather chippy. It's safe to say the chippiness won't end anytime soon. Colin Kaepernick ran in for the touchdown, and after scoring, he pulled out his own version of Cam Newton's Superman celebration.


I don't know that it's necessarily wise to poke fun at Cam, but Kap has never been one to shy away from a show of confidence. Cam was the No. 1 pick the same year Kap was a second round pick. Kap has made it clear he remembers every slight, real or perceived. This would seem to be one more instant of that. We'll see if Cam is able to respond.

Here is a picture of the celebration:

Fooch's Update: I forgot about this use of Kaepernicking in Week 10:


Coach Harbaugh goes crazy after refs miss TD

The San Francisco 49ers head into the second half of their playoff game leading the Carolina Panthers 13-10. It was at times an ugly half, but two goal line drives and a late touchdown pass to Vernon Davis have the 49ers in the lead.

The Vernon Davis touchdown was part of a crazy sequence of events with five seconds left in the second quarter. After a run, with the clock running, Colin Kaepernick hustled the team to the line and ran a play. He rolled to his right and eventually found Vernon Davis in the back corner of the end zone. The play was initially ruled incomplete, even as we saw a divot come out of the ground almost a foot inside the end zone.

The incomplete ruling resulted in Jim Harbaugh racing out to the field:


The flag was for unsportsmanlike conduct, and after the review reversed the incomplete ruling, the 15-yard penalty was added to the kickoff.

Harbaugh's run on the field resulted in Anquan Boldin heading over to try and calm down his coach. Considering Boldin was talking as much crap as Steve Smith after his catches and penalties, this is kind of amusing.


After the refs reversed the call, Jim Harbaugh gave us his "smiling" face, which looks like a man who just went through a colonoscopy.



49ers-Panthers third quarter game thread

Your third quarter game thread. Enjoy the discussion!


Ahmad Brooks is just a little bit offsides

The San Francisco 49ers have made two huge goal line stands against the Carolina Panthers, and Ahmad Brooks has been a key part of both sides. Of course, as has become a weekly occurrence with Brooks, he was flagged for an offsides penalty.


Yea, that's just a little bit offsides. Brooks is an incredibly athletic linebacker, but sometimes it gets the best of him. It is also possible he was trying to reenact his most notable highlight from college. In that play, he actually timed it right and sacked the quarterback without getting flagged.

The offsides didn't hurt the 49ers as it was a goal to go situation. They made a big stop on the next play to force a field goal. Brooks made the mistake, but overall, he has had a strong first half. He has had two huge tackles on these stops. But maybe next time he'll time the leap just a little bit better.


Will Tukuafu out for the game

The San Francisco 49ers have announced that fullback Will Tukuafu will not return for the rest of their playoff game with the Carolina Panthers. The 49ers fullback suffered a knee injury in the first quarter when he was the target of a pass from Colin Kaepernick.

On 2nd and 8, Kap dumped it off to Tukuafu, who picked up two yards. Captain Munnerlyn made the tackle on Tukuafu and as he dragged him down, he rolled up on Tukuafu's left leg. At first it looked like an ankle injury, but the 49ers announced it as a knee injury.

Tukuafu's departure means Anthony Dixon takes over the rest of the way for him. Since Bruce Miller went down in Week 15, Tukuafu has started three games, and Dixon has started one. Dixon is a bit more of an option in the passing game, while Tukuafu can be a big, bull-dozing blocker in the run game. We'll see if it impacts how the 49ers run the ball.


49ers-Panthers second quarter game thread

Your second quarter game thread. Enjoy the discussion!


49ers-Panthers first quarter game thread

The 49ers face the Carolina Panthers on the road in the Divisional round of the 2014 NFL playoffs. The winner advances to face the Seattle Seahawks for the right to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVIII. The loser heads home for the winter. It's as simple as that. We take a look at pertinent details related to the game, as well as provide an open thread for discussion of the first quarter. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


Kap headed to the field


Carlos Rogers inactive for second straight week

The 49ers and Panthers released their Divisional round inactives. We break down the notable names. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


TV, radio, odds nuts & bolts for 49ers-Panthers

The San Francisco 49ers and Carolina Panthers open Sunday's Divisional round action with kickoff time at Bank of America Stadium set for 10:05 a.m. PT. The winner advances to face the Seattle Seahawks, the loser goes home. The game is basically a pick 'em at this point. Read on for the full details for the final game of the weekend, including live stream options, announcers, odds and more. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!


Carl Cheffers to handle 49ers-Panthers ref duties

The 49ers-Panthers Divisional matchup this weekend will be officiated by Carl Cheffers' crew. We break down the crew, and the assignments for each member. New to Niners Nation? Sign up here and join the discussion!

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