Shining Example's Trip to Charlotte Recap

Last week I was banned from Cat Scratch Reader for defending my beloved 49ers and dispelling the BS that Carolina fans were spewing about Kaepernick. I know I am not the only one on here who found the Carolina commenters to be delusional, obnoxious, and downright grimy.

My controversial post, in which I made a number of predictions- turned out to be a work of prophecy as everything I said unfolded Sunday. I'm sure I'll never receive the apologies that many CSR members owe me (and even some phony pacifistic NNN members) but the satisfaction of sitting 2 rows from a field in a HUGE win made it all worth it. In case you missed my original thread:

Recap From Charlotte:

Charlotte is a beautiful city with a very cool downtown city area. As soon as I arrived it became clear that the trash on CSR is not indicative of the overall fan base. Despite being decked from head to toe in red, I was still treated very nicely by Panther fans and had a number of congenial conversations throughout the game. The stadium is very nice and feels like a mighty coliseum, further adding to the aura of toughness that the Panthers have. My seats were just two rows from the field and I had a great view of both our TDs, including the Kap superman celebration. My observations:

  • What a game! I declared this game a LOCK last week and turns out it was as comfortable of a win as I expected. I honestly didn't expect the Panthers to let us physically dominate and manhandle them the way we did. That was a good old fashioned trip to the woodshed.
  • Right now the ONLY people in the world complaining about the officiating are CSR posters. Refs were not an issue, plain and simple. The two worst calls in the game both went AGAINST the 9ers, including a joke of a Roughing the Passer call that extended the game.
  • The Cam vs. Kap conversation is OVER for the foreseeable future. For every beautiful pass Cam throws (TD to Smith) he also makes numerous inexplicable throws (interceptions).. and he does this ALL the time. I realize it is so fashionable to hate Kap but the guy is a pure winner and he doesn't turn the ball over. This is consistent with the Wunderlic scores of these players (Kap scored 17pts higher!).
  • I was ridiculed in my previous post on CSR for saying the offense is 50% better with Crabtree in the game. Even some NN members trashed me. Turns out my estimate was in fact a little low, as 23 points is closer to 2.5x the previous output of 9pts.
  • I also stand by my comment that the Panthers, while feisty this year- have a real shot of not making the playoffs next year. Every year the NFC South has had a knack for producing a "pretender contender" that fizzles out in the playoffs. The 2012 Falcons were a much better team than the team we beat today, and Cam Newton is the 3rd best QB in his own division.
To go on the road and literally SUCK the life out of a great crowd is a testament to a truly great team. The 9ers beatdown and outclassed the Panthers from 2nd quarter on. My hats off to them for giving myself and the other 49er fans present a great memory.
Next week will be a huge test, but I can say without a doubt that these are by far the best two teams in the NFC. May the better team win.
Shining Example

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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