Golden Nuggets: Niners vs Seahawks Part III

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, January 14, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

The 49ers vs. Seahawks matchup is turning out to be like those great boxing rivalries. The most recent of note is Pacquiao vs Marquez IV and this NFC West matchup has been every bit as entertaining as those slug-fests. I don't expect a lot of surprises from either side. These two teams know each other so well and are so evenly matched that what it really comes down to is who will be able to impose their will more? I believe the 49ers recent playoff experience provides them with a slight edge (PFT). Playoff experience can never be discounted and the 49ers have enough to keep the team from getting rattled by the "12th Man" and pulling out the big play when it's needed. Anyone who doesn't believe that should ask Cam Newton.

Sunday cannot come soon enough, because this is the match up we've all expected since the pre-season. | It's what they've been waiting for (ESPN)

49ers vs Seahawks

49ers Feel Prepared for Round 3 with Seahawks (Price)

Niners-Seahawks Matchup is a Fitting Clash (NBC)

Whitner on 49ers' strategy vs. Seahawks: ‘Make the QB beat us' (Branch)

Road show heads to Seattle, most daunting challenge yet (SF Gate)

Jim Harbaugh says 49ers are well prepared for Seahawks (SJMN)

Vernon Davis expects 'brutal battle' vs. Seahawks (NFL)

Linebackers lead way for 49ers into NFC title game (Yahoo)

Player Spotlights

This one's for all the haterz. | Here's why that 'Colin Kaepernick is self-centered and Russell Wilson is not' comparison is incredibly unfair (Yahoo)

Colin Kaepernick, Anquan Boldin both benefiting from a healthy Michael Crabtree (49erswebzone)

Colin Kaepernick states his case as 2011 draft's top QB (NFL)

Sounds like something Coach Harbaugh would say. | Pete Carroll says Russell Wilson "playing great" despite dip in numbers (PFT)

Play time: Crabtree plays through shoulder pain (Maiocco)

LeBron James Backs Donte Whitner (49ers)

49ers Joe Staley Named to Writers' All-NFL Team (49ers)

Tukuafu undergoes MRI, Harbaugh encouraged (Maiocco)

Team Notes

Harbaugh has proven long-term worth (ESPN)

San Francisco 49ers' previous NFC Championship games (SJMN)

No harm, no foul. | League not concerned about coaches on the field behind the play (PFT)


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