Golden Nuggets: Ready for Seattle

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Round 3 of a classic, old school heavyweight fight is about to begin this Sunday. While both defenses and most of both offenses rely on classic football tactics, the 2 most important players for both teams are new school players. Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson rely on their athletic ability to extend plays more than their pure passing skills. But in Seattle, Colin hasn't shown much of anything. This week, he has the opportunity to put those last 2 games to bed. With a Super Bowl berth on the line, Kaepernick will need to show that Seattle's 12th Man and defense does not rattle him.

Colin has gradually improved since Michael Crabtree has come back. It made a huge difference that his favorite receiver came back in the fold. With Crabtree back, the field frees up for Boldin to exploit. In Carolina, Boldin was in beast mode and Kaepernick was more than happy to feed the beast. And while Vernon only had 1 catch, it happened to be a TD before halftime. The Carolina game was officially over as a contest when Kaepernick ran for a touchdown and took Cam's 'Superman' celebration without a response from the Panthers. In Seattle, Colin will need these 3 weapons performing at their highest ability and he will need to scare the Seattle defense with his legs. Let's go Colin! Time to unbutton the suit and pull out the Superman cape in the Emerald City!

Niners vs. Seahawks Preview

Time to win the game that matters most | Niners ready to win in Seattle (Williams)

Carlos Rogers plans on playing Sunday (Pentis)

Dawson doesn't hear you 12th Man! | Noise an advantage for Dawson (Price)

Tukuafu could be back with Rogers (Barrows)

Rogers has to earn his spot back if healthy (Maiocco)

Rogers and Tukuafu both optmistic (Corkran)

K.J. Wright may play Sunday (Crabtree)

Niners are undefeated in playoffs when they leave Fridays for games (Inman)

Slowing Seattle's Offense (Biderman)

Ok, who really believes this? Right, Harbaugh | Harbaugh: No Rivarly With Carroll (Price)

Trying to buck the Sat-Sun schedule trend (Kawakami)

Seattle's Pass Rush vs. Kaepernick (Williamson)

Harbaugh likes Seattle's ticket restrictions (Gantt)

This rivalry could be good for years | Colin vs. Russell: Who you got? (Schilken)

Ready for Century Link Field (Corkran)

Other Niners News

Carolina Film Review (Barrows)

Smart Move: Put Brooks at MLB for goal line stand (Maiocco)

We are glad Patton. The stage will only get bigger | Patton likes the Big Stage (Pentis)

No more spots for Niner assistants? (Williamson)

Collect those frequent flier miles | Jet Lag for the Niners? (Inman)

New Goal Line Defense (Price)

Don't worry. He'll wear stylish Levi's next year | Harbaugh's Style? Wife wants input (Inman)

Three New Future Contracts (Maiocco)

My P. Willis jersey says I'm into lasting quality like Mr. #52 | What your Niners jersey says about you (Lynch)

Dilfer believes in Colin (Williamson)

Calm down Seattle. It isn't that serious, is it? | Seattle continues the war on San Francisco (Roberts)

Niners QB Sneak (Maiocco)

Harbaugh: Reflections on Grandpa Joe (Pentis)

There's always a little good luck in winning | Good Luck in Kaepernick's Play? (Branch)

Congrats Eric! Much Deserved | Reid: Writer's All Rookie Team (49ers)

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