49ers vs. Seahawks: That hurt, but Seattle was a worthy opponent to lose to

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers lost to the Seattle Seahawks, and I tell you how I'm dealing with it.

For many San Francisco 49ers fans, getting over Sunday's 23-17 loss to the Seattle Seahawks is going to be a long and depressing process. Not only do you have a loss to an NFC West rival, a team which is hated above all others by many on this site, you have an incredibly significant injury to All-Pro linebacker NaVorro Bowman to deal with, among other things.

But for me ... I feel like I'm over it already. It's crushing for a season to end that way, but it was a great game. Yeah, the officiating was terrible and yes, it's the Seahawks ... but it being the Seahawks is kind of the reason why I've moved on. While Richard Sherman is and always will be a giant turd, what sticks out to me more with Seattle is simple: they're an excellent football team.

A loss in the NFC Championship is basically the same thing as losing in the Super Bowl. I don't think there is inherently anything worse in getting your season cut short a week later or anything. But last year's game hurt so much more and cut so much deeper. And it wasn't because it was a loss in the Super Bowl.

It was because the Baltimore Ravens were not a very good team.

At the very least, the Ravens weren't on San Francisco's level. In my eyes, the 49ers should have won that game handily. And true, there are aspects of this Seattle game that make me think San Francisco really should have won, but at the same time, the Seahawks are an incredibly good football team. Bad calls benefited them and again, Sherman is a giant turd, but calling them the best team in the NFC doesn't feel particularly wrong.

But it felt wrong to call the Ravens the best team in the NFL last season. It felt wrong that they beat the 49ers. I'm not saying the Super Bowl title isn't legitimate -- they won when they needed to win -- but the 49ers really screwed themselves multiple times.

I know most of you won't agree with me on this. They're the Seahawks after all, and a loss is a loss all the same, but I just ... feel better about this one than the last one. All I can think about right now is Bowman and Mike Iupati -- I desperately want them to be OK. Jim Harbaugh has taken the 49ers to the NFC Championship three seasons in a row. The future is bright, but we need those guys.

And just to get it in here a third time: Richard Sherman is a giant turd.

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