Worst Possible Nightmare

I want to give you guys a place to dump all your frustrations, a unified thread of pain and despair. So we can cope but also protect the rest of niners nation for a few days. So please read and comment accordingly.

Let's just make this as ugly as possible, to get it all out.

Going in, I would not have minded losing, I just didn't want to lose in certain ways. After that NFCC game vs NYG, an absolutely horrific loss, then losing the Super Bowl last year the way we lost it, all I was hoping for was for a win. But if we were going to lose, please Football Gods give us a good, clean, honorable loss, as we may have deserved.

If we are going to lose, please...

1. Don't let the refs contribute to our demise. Running into the kicker?

2. Don't let Lynch bust a 40 yard TD under raining skittles. WTF

3. Don't let RW Tarkenton his way into a fluke-ish 50 yard pass that changes the game. Called Safety for a reason.

4. Please, god, don't let me watch my favorite player's explode in injured heaps of pain. Speechless.

5. Do not let Dick Sherman make a game winning play. He made the play.

6. If Sherman does make a game winning play, please let it be something fantastic, not just a stupid throw. Why are you throwing at him in that situation? Was that an EGO throw?

7. If Sherman is going to win the game, please let him win with class. I'd a choked him out after he slapped my ass.

8. If anybody on Seattle makes a game winning play, please let Keapernick play a stellar game that leaves us no doubt. Time to marry the pocket, Keap.

9. Whatever happens, please don't let our best player's get injured while Keapernick makes gigantic mistakes in clutch time that embarrass us and sap our player's hope for the future. Did our window just close a bit?

Ehermergherd it was horrific.

Holy hell, all these things happened. The only way it could have been worse was if we gave them the game with stupid hot-headed penalties to a chorus of Jim Harbaugh sideline antic gifs - and then heard whining in the pressors on top of all this.

It could not have been more horrific. All of our worst nightmare's came true. They gashed us. They injured us. That trash-talked us. Our QB got humiliated. Our guys got injuted. They out-adjusted us at half. To open the 2nd half they stopped our offense cold when we could have taken over the game. When they got the punt they drove almost the length of the field without throwing a pass. Utter domination. They ran it down our throats while Fangio, apparently, ate a salami sandwich. A running into the kicker call turns into an exploded Bowman Knee. (Might be 2 ligaments, as far as I can tell). Then to add insult to injury, literally, Bowman get's the shame of being pelted with food while being carted off? You Seasuck pukes, you wonder why we thrash you.

Then. Erhmergherd. 4th and 127yards and we give up a prayer TD to Aunt Jememiah's Curse? Iupati broke his ankle. Gore might have hit the career wall (serious tears). And worst of all, our franchise QB ended the season with 3 consecutive egregious rookie-like turnovers while the game was still in hand. Now what, are we the Buffalo Bills? The Philadelphia Eagles? We now have to endure deep questioning of our QB, not just for a few weeks, but for a full off season all the way into the draft and until he wins a super bowl most likely.

On top of all this, Sherman got to not only make the game winning play, but on what was also somehow, simultaneously, a horrifically stereo-typical amateurish lock-on forced-pass to Crabtree in almost the exact style of play that lost us the Super Bowl last year. And not only that, we have to immediately endure watching Sherman sarcastically slap our dude on the butt then offer a disingenuous handshake... then go on national TV to immediately excoriate the same man, one of our best and brightest players. Nobody this mentally weak gets to this level. Sherman used drugs to succeed. And sounded high as all hell on camera. That or he wasn't raised properly.

Listening to Sherman was the absolute peak of the nightmare. This is where I shook myself up. However, listening to that drug-addled weakling embarrass his parents made me feel a certain sense of dignity.

I am comforted by one idea. We might have crested to the height of 3 consecutive NFCC games only to come humiliatingly short. We might have a bust as QB and an over the hill RB. But, at least we have our dignity. We don't root for injury. We don't throw food upon our vanquished foe as they are carted off. We don't use PEDs. We don't get diarrhea of the mouth when at the microphone. We aren't a joke. A sad, classless, puny, joke. We have a team we can show our children and say, "be like that".


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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