Who's guilty? And how the future will be

Direct after the game, I was angry about Kaep's three Interceptions. And his fumble.

But thanks to some posts here and cooling down, I just see one group, which has to take the responsibility.

And that's the coaching staff. 60 minutes we tried to run Gore through the middle. The first half we didn't really try to pass. Kaep held us in the game with his legs. Nothing else!!!

There were no passes to VD (our TD machine). Why we didn't involve Patton? The Seattle secondary is strong, but there's just one Sherman's. Let him cover one side and attack the other or the middle. Most of our passing routes were straight ahead or crossing. But almost no comebacks or swings.

On the defensive side, I asked me why Rogers, my favorite cut, got the preference. Cox played good. And Rogers ability to cover we saw at the touchdown. He must leave!!!!!

At Lynch's touchdown our complete secondary was so bad. Lynch is a power package but not a flash. And no CB or S could reach him. It was foreseeable, that he will break through the line.

And why the hell, they didn't call a time-out? In such a situation you have to defend a player like Kaep from himself.

He is an absolute enthusiastic player after successfull downs. You always see him throw multiple passes to the same player. He has no/little ball movement during pass plays. That's a weakness everyone knows. Even Seattle knew it.

For all, we had a good season, but NO success. There are 32 teams and just ONE success. And that's winning the Super Bowl. Ask Manning, if the last season was successfull.

The future

I don't see our future so bright like the most people here. The team was build for now. A lot of players are at their summit, so the time is running.

We have a lot of expiring contracts the next two years. Our D-Line is the best in the world, but getting older and more expensive. And there were not enough draft picks working now. From 2013 just Reid, Lemonier were working. McDonald just as a blocker, Morris just in ST. From 2012 just LMJ as returner (FULL STOP). I don't see Baalke as a draft ninja. Did he draft a forth, fifth or sixth rounder who is playing today. Sherman was a fifth rounder par example. Had he choosed him, we won the SB last year.

Our to do's:

- Secondary: is still our lack in the D. The good stats were because of our great pass rush. And I can't forget Lynch's TD. I would prefer to solve this issue with one free agent. Just keep Brock, Culliver and Morris. Sign one top free agent. And add Morris to the rotation. It were great to still have Cooper. Big mistake. Open spot is SS. And Hitner will be too expensive.

- Wide receiver: We need a big, fast receiver as deep receiver.And when we have him, we will have an additional red zone presence, too. In contrast to the most people here, I would not extend Crab. I'll never forget his behavior as a rookie. Sorry, folks. We should try to extend Boldin to max 2 years. And give Baldwin a complete camp. And add one free agent.

- Running backs: Either we use LMJ or trade him and take a return specialist, who can create yards every time. And add a big play or TD from time to time. Gore will have another year on his back. So we need to install Lattimore as the second (and more used then now) RB. A fourth RB we need just in PS.

- Quarterback: JH and TB decided, that Karp will be our franchise QB. So it is. But work with him in his weaknesses, not his biceps. With his legs he can lead us just the next five or six years (without injury). As a pocket passer, he will have more years. We need a backup. Daniels were great, because his similarity. He's gone, so we need to pick a QB with good legs, too.

- D-Line: Our strength. We just need a new center. I'm not sure, Kilgore can be. Then theren are some contracts to renegotiate a lot of contracts. Brooks, Willis and McDonald are too expensive. Extend TJE. Add Carradine to the mix and draft one development player.

-O-Line: I hope Brykowski and Marquardt will rise. Extend Iupati. I prefer his extension instead of Crab.

- Tight end: We need a backup for VD. McDonald wasn't good enough.

- ST: Extend Dawson for the next ten years or so. :-) Extend Spillman and Osgood. Our ST is really good, lacks only yards in returning. (better than last year, but not optimal)

- coaching staff: Add a OC with new ideas. And who can develop our system. You can't reach 350 or 400 yards without a working passing game.

We need to draft one early receiver and one in the middle rounds, minim. one CB, a TE and a SS . And we should not draft players to cut them like the last two years. Better way is to trade the picks into the future.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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