I've made a huge mistake.

I like to lurk on Niners Nation because the insight and quality here is mostly great. I avoid game threads as I have no right to be there. I have the utmost respect for the fan base as a whole, and think the organization is well run and has an unmatched history of excellence.

My mistake begins below.

I wandered into the Willis Bowman story tonight because I was interested in finding out what the relationship between these two were off the field. I have such respect for both, and was crestfallen to see Bowman get hurt in the NFCCG. I was not disappointed in the article, well thought out and unbiased. My next move was most regrettable, however.

I knew the comments were going to be negative to Sherman, as the main crux of the article hinged on a comparison between he and Willis. I entered anyway, hoping to see more positive stories about the two 49ers in the article. Again, wasn't disappointed, as there were many well thought out opinions of both. There was Sherman bashing, of course, but that is to be expected and is fair. He acted in a manner that was less than noble. What I didn't expect, and maybe should have, was the generalization of Seahawks fans as classless. The incident that caused us to be all grouped in together was the throwing of food at Bowman as he was exiting the field of play. These fans do not represent the core fandom of the Seattle Seahawks, at least in my experiences.

I was confused by what occurred next. Quatro, who I assume is a Seattle fan, posted a few cherry picked articles showing various 49ers fans doing things much more severe than those in Seattle. A misguided attempt to make a point? Sure. A bannable offense? I didn't understand it. The further I read the more I saw the same behavior, 49ers fans taking Seattle to task for being classless, and not a single ban. I then tried to bring up the issue, and wanted to have a real conversation about it, but was quickly denied and called a troll. I guess I don't understand the point of a comment option, if not to challenge each other, and have meaningful conversations.

This then quickly got ugly, with others from FGs chiming in and those from NN defending the motherland. I just wanted to write this, poorly written apology to all those who wanted to contribute to the original issue of the post, which I feel I had a hand in hijacking. I'll take my ban if need be, although I don't believe I did anything to deserve such a punishment.

I look forward to continue lurking around, and am excited to see our rivalry grow over the next few years.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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