Golden Nuggets: Joe Staley shuts down a fan on Twitter

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49ers links for Friday, January 24, 2014.

The Nuggets are a bit delayed this morning, but here we go. Things are quiet for the 49ers for the next month and a half, but there is still plenty to discuss and break down in the meantime. We'll have plenty of analysis, but my favorite link belongs to Bay Area Sports Guy. He had a quick write-up on this tweet from Joe Staley late last night.

Staley had a compound dislocation of his thumb, which is keeping him home from Hawaii. Read BASG's story for a few more thoughts on it.

BASG with three particularly entertaining stories from yesterday. His site will continue with plenty of 49ers coverage, but for the next couple months leading up to free agency, he'll have a lot of the quirkier side of 49ers content. Yesterday, he had some good stuff on Joe Staley not taking crap from a fan about the Pro Bowl, trying to figure out what Jim Harbaugh sees in Eric Mangini, and a moderately depressing video about the future of Candlestick Point.

We've also got some film review from Christian Gin. When I do the Nuggets, I like to include the two of them first in the links. The big time beat writers get plenty of love, so why not show other sites and writers like us some more love?

Joe Staley destroys Pro Bowl fan on Twitter (BASG)
Figuring out what Jim Harbaugh sees in Eric Mangini (BASG)
A sad fate for The Stick (BASG)
49ers vs. Seahawks Film Review: What could have happened for Crabtree? (Gin)

Donte Whitner took home the Garry Niver Award, which is presented to the 49ers player for his cooperation and professional style in helping the pro football writers do their jobs. Needless to say, I'm guessing Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree did not show up on ballots for this award.

Whitner wins: Safety recognized for professionalism with media (Branch)
Beat reporters honor Whitner's professionalism (Maiocco)
Donte Whitner wins local media's good-guy award (Barrows)
Media selects Whitner as Niver Award winner for second time in three years (Inman)

Eric Reid put together a great rookie campaign. It will be interesting to see if the 49ers pair him with a rookie safety in place of Donte Whitner in year two. Reid credited Whitner for a lot of his success this past season. I think Reid can take leadership of the back end of the defense, but it will be something to pay close attention to.

Eric Reid Selected by Team Rice at 2014 Pro Bowl (
Rookie Report with Eric Reid (

Brandon Jacobs had some choice words for Jim Harbaugh on a recent radio show. I don't particularly care about the situation, but it's amusing to listen to a former athlete get pissy about something.

Jilted Jacobs fires away at Jim Harbaugh (Lynch)
Brandon Jacobs clearly no fan of 49ers' Jim Harbaugh (
Brandon Jacobs has no warm feelings for Jim Harbaugh (Pro Football Talk)

The Seahawks are officially the NFC measuring stick. The 49ers rivalry with the division champs will hopefully continue developing into the best rivalry in sports. It's the best rivalry of this season, and now it's time to turn it into a long-time rivalry like some of the NFL's all-time great rivalries.

Keeping up with Carroll: 49ers needs in the upcoming draft (Barrows)
49ers-Seahawks: More good sportsmanship than bad (Maiocco)

And we've got a little bit of this and that with these last few links. Frank Gore will be a hot topic of conversation this offseason as the 49ers figure out their cap situation. He's set to earn $6.45 million in salary and bonuses, and that just can't work with this team's current salary cap situation. Look for him tore-do his deal. And of course the team needs to figure out Jim Harbaugh's situation. That will likely have its share of related news during the offseason.

49ers must explore options with Gore's contract (Maiocco)
Why Your Playoff Team Didn’t Reach XLVIII: NFC (MMQB)
It's Time for 49ers to Invest in Harbaugh (NBC Bay Area)

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