Golden Nuggets: Dealing With the Grief

Kevin C. Cox

Saturday, January 25, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Happy Saturday everyone, my name is Ryan Geach and this is the Golden Nuggets. I imagine we are all still recovering from the third heartbreak in three straight seasons in our own way. For some, It's no big deal, all they need is a few days and they are fine, others have stranger rituals. For example, I know a guy who went on a spiritual journey after the loss the Giants. He went into the woods with nothing but a couple bags of beef jerky and a canteen. A couple weeks later he came back disoriented and wearing the same clothes that he left with, only a lot dirtier. He never said what exactly he did during those weeks, and don't worry, he was and still is an outdoor survival freak, but he was successful in getting over the loss. I on the other hand have been known to go with the Bridgette Jones approach to sports related heart break. Is one of these strategies better than the other? Yes. don't get stranded in the woods for weeks with no cell reception, you will worry your family and friends. With that, lets get to the links, also, feel free to share your own grief strategy in the comments. Today we are starting with friend of the site Bay Area Sports Guy, Okay, so what would YOU put at Candlestick Point? (BASG)

That's a tough one, I like Steve's first kid suggestion, but I would make it a 49er themed amusement park, each of the different era's can be a different section of the park. I'll leave it up to others as to what goes where, but I'm calling it right now, the post-Mooch and pre-Harbaugh era gets the restrooms and smoking section.

Next up, We'll delve into the upcoming offseason with Christian Gin. Fixing the Holes: Examining the 49ers biggest offseason needs (Gin) I agree that WR is this teams biggest need, especially a big bodied WR. I thought that when we traded AJ Jenkins for Jon Baldwin we got the better end of that deal. Jon, with Kaepernick and our coaching staff, was supposed to emerge as the big threat we have wanted for years. Instead, he was even worse than he was in KC last season (though his role in the offense may have caused that more than anything.) Do the failures of AJJ and Baldwin mean that this team should give up trying to get a WR like I have seen some claim? Absolutely not. Keep rolling the dice Baalke, maybe stay away from the twigs like AJ, but keep doing your thing.

Another reason to be pumped about next season, Niners Should get Boost From Two "Redshirts" (NBC) If we assume that both Tank and Lattimore would have been first rounders had they never been injured, and if we can assume that they will be fully healthy by next season. I see no reason why we cannot assume that we essentially have two first round rookies already on the roster for next season.

Of course it is. 49ers' window is wide open (ESPN)

The Cam Johnson trade was for a 2015 7th, not 2014. Also, the Goldson compensatory pick should be a 3rd rounder but would be at worst a 4th. 49ers own 11 draft picks, expect one more (Maiocco)

49ers Important Dates for 2014 (49ers)

San Francisco 49ers’ season awards (ESPN)

I know of one bandwagon who often meet in the fan posts who will be especially thrilled about this. Patton to Train with Kaepernick in Offseason (49ers)

Forgot the obvious number one, but otherwise good list, I'm especially intrigued by number eight. Top 10 Reasons to Look Forward to 2014 49ers (49ers)

It's tough for a successful veteran team to make decisions on free agents. I just don't see a way Whitner gets brought back unless he wants to take a team friendly contract. With all the extensions due to our young core in the coming years, some of the older players unfortunately become expendable. Changes expected in 49ers secondary (Maiocco)

(Audio) What's Next for the San Francisco 49ers? (49ers)

Position by position: 49ers, Seahawks will remain loaded in 2014 (Branch)

TNDZ x Big-Game Bowman x Road to Recovery (49ers)

I think I'm one of the few people in Niner land who doesn't hate Richard Sherman. First off, I don't buy that he is a thug. Is he a gigantic D word? most definitely, but I like cocky/arrogant players, and I'm confident that if he were a 49er he would be one of my favorites. Nothing is more boring that sports cliches, at least with Sherman we get something original whenever he opens his mouth.

Richard Sherman fined for taunting (ESPN)

Seahawks' Sherman fined for after-interception gesture to Kaepernick (Barrows)

Sherman fined for taunting; Whitner, again, not penalized for penalty (Branch)

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