What kind of offseason should 49ers fans expect?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers have tasted success, sure. But where do they go from here?

Jim Harbaugh has been nothing short of amazing in his short time with the San Francisco 49ers. In his first three years, he's appeared in one Super Bowl and three NFC Championship games and has turned a perennial six-win team into a team that was thoroughly dissatisfied at the thought of getting less than 14 wins this season.

Understand that: 49ers fans are now expecting double digit wins, and another Lombardi trophy is not really an outside chance anymore, but an actual, factual goal. One can say "there's always next year," and it's not an ironic, depressing statement. There's old talent and young talent, and more than just one or two players that we wouldn't trade for the world.

Harbaugh has his issues, of course. His coaching staff, for whatever reason, cannot manage the clock properly with any shred of consistency. There's play-calling issues here and there, and a total inability to get things done early in games. Most feel they settle for field goals far too easily as well. These are all bad things that you take with the good.

And there is a lot of good right now. But at what point, when one comes so close to winning so many times in a row, does one decide that something has to change?

I'm not suggesting that Harbaugh has to go, or that there needs to be some other kind of major shakeup. But I am curious as to how the 49ers are going to approach this offseason. Three NFC Championships in a row is stellar, but that's also three consecutive losses in big games.

Three consecutive failures to adjust at halftime, three consecutive failures to play clutch football and three years for some of the best talent on this team to get a little bit closer to retirement. Can a team stagnate to the extent of making it to the big game only to fail over and over?

Is that even a thing?

I know I expect this team, with this head coach and this roster, to make it back to the playoffs next season. I know they will do some damage, and I hope that they make it to the Super Bowl. But before that, there's a long offseason to deal with, and the usual slew of roster decisions that have to be made.

I'm just wondering how the 49ers will approach this offseason. Will they step in and make some serious changes to try and figure out what's wrong, or will they look to these title game appearances and figure that only little things need to change here and there. Maybe replace Carlos Rogers, add more defensive line depth, get another receiver or things like that.

What kind of offseason do you guys expect? What kind of offseason do you want? Major changes or small changes?

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