2014 Pro Bowl: Game time, TV schedule, online stream, rosters and more for the worst football game of the year

We break down what the Pro Bowl has to offer on Sunday, and also provide a rundown of pertinent game time and online streaming information for the often dull Pro Bowl.

The 2014 NFL season is over for the San Francisco 49ers, but there are still two NFL games left on the docket for the rest of the world. Today we get the Pro Bowl, and next week we get the Super Bowl. I have to imagine there's a good chance numerous 49ers fans choose not to watch either of them.

If you're planning on watching the Pro Bowl later today, kickoff is set for 4:30 p.m. PT on NBC. The game will be streamed online via NBCSports.com. Of course, if I had to choose, I'd rather have the Pro Bowl on television and then have my computer available for random web surfing. Or, you can just skip the Pro Bowl.

The NFL mixed things up this year, creating a single Pro Bowl roster and then having team captains choose sides. Captains were split up under Team Jerry Rice and Team Deion Sanders. The upside to this is the fact that some teammates will have a chance to go up against each other. The most interesting matchup might be wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald potentially facing off against his teammate cornerback Patrick Peterson.

If that doesn't float your boat, I recommend trying to picture this game like the old MTV Rock 'N Jock programming. For those old enough to remember, it featured athletes and celebrities teamed up against each other in basketball and softball games. It might have been the greatest thing MTV ever created.

Thinking about the Pro Bowl left me incredibly bored earlier this week, and that's where the Rock 'N Jock idea came into my head. It resulted in my tweeting at the NFL that they needed to get Dan Cortese involved in this. For those that don't remember him, Cortese is an actor who's claim to fame has to be his dynamic presence in Rock 'N Jock. Well, that and "Tony" from a Seinfeld episode.

The tweet resulted in this:

That pretty much made my week for the sheer awesome randomness of it. My new goal in life is to get Dan Cortese and Bill Bellamy squaring off in some kind of Rock 'N Jock Pro Bowl. It won't happen anytime soon, but there's always a chance!

It will be interesting to see how much longer the Pro Bowl is in place in any sort of game format like this. At some point, I wonder if the NFL just goes for a basic skills competition and ditches the game? I think we could have some fun with 40-yard dashes, throwing competitions, and even some flag football. How about seeing offensive and defensive linemen in some kind of skills competitions? It doesn't even have to be their traditional skills. Let's see offensive and defensive linemen throwing passes and running routes. Isaac Sopoaga could dominate the former, and we know Joe Staley would be a beast in the latter!

If you're looking for a rooting interest in the Pro Bowl, Team Jerry Rice features 49ers safety Eric Reid, and of course, the G.O.A.T., Jerry Rice as team captain. Here is their full roster:

# Player Team Pos.
55 Abraham, John Arizona Cardinals OLB
31 Bethel, Justin Arizona Cardinals ST
9 Brees, Drew New Orleans Saints QB
55 Burfict, Vontaze Cincinnati Bengals ILB
31 Byrd, Jairus Buffalo Bills FS
31 Cromartie, Antonio New York Jets CB
99 Dareus, Marcell Buffalo Bills DT
73 Evans, Jahri New Orleans Saints G
11 Fitzgerald, Larry Arizona Cardinals WR
24 Flowers, Brandon Kansas City Chiefs CB
22 Forté, Matt Chicago Bears RB
88 Gonzalez, Tony Atlanta Falcons TE
12 Gordon, Josh Cleveland Browns WR
3 Gostkowski, Stephen New England Patriots K
80 Graham, Jimmy New Orleans Saints TE
69 Gross, Jordan Carolina Panthers T
66 Grubbs. Ben New Orleans Saints G
23 Haden, Joe Cleveland Browns CB
97 Hatcher, Jason Dallas Cowboys DT
6 Hekker, Johnny St. Louis Rams P
50 Houston, Justin Kansas City Chiefs OLB
17 Jeffery, Alshon Chicago Bears WR
56 Johnson, Derrick Kansas City Chiefs ILB
94 Jordan, Cameron New Orleans Saints DE
67 Kalil, Ryan Carolina Panthers C
74 Mangold, Nick New York Jets C
15 Marshall, Brandon Chicago Bears WR
69 Mathis, Evan Philadelphia Eagles G
98 Mathis, Robert Indianapolis Colts OLB
22 McCluster, Dexter Kansas City Chiefs PR
25 McCoy, LeSean Philadelphia Eagles RB
29 Murray, DeMarco Dallas Cowboys RB
45 Overton, Matt Indianapolis Colts LS
94 Quinn, Robert St. Louis Rams DE
35 Reid, Eric San Francisco 49ers FS
17 Rivers, Philip San Diego Chargers QB
26 Rolle, Antrel New York Giants SS
11 Smith, Alex Kansas City Chiefs QB
77 Smith, Tyron Dallas Cowboys T
73 Thomas, Joe Cleveland Browns T
35 Tolbert, Mike Carolina Panthers FB
20 Verner, Alterraun Tennessee Titans CB
91 Wake, Cameron Miami Dolphins DE
95 Williams, Kyle Buffalo Bills DT

Here is the full roster for Team Deion Sanders:

# Player Team Pos.
76 Albert, Branden Kansas City Chiefs T
29 Berry, Eric Kansas City Chiefs SS
84 Brown, Antonio Pittsburgh Steelers WR
76 Brown, Duane Houston Texans T
88 Bryant, Dez Dallas Cowboys WR
84 Cameron, Jordan Cleveland Browns TE
25 Charles, Jamaal Kansas City Chiefs RB
2 Fields, Brandon Miami Dolphins P
9 Foles, Nick Philadelphia Eagles QB
18 Green, A.J. Cincinnati Bengals WR
21 Grimes, Brent Miami Dolphins CB
91 Hali, Tamba Kansas City Chiefs OLB
76 Hardy, Greg Carolina Panthers DE
10 Jackson, DeSean Philadelphia Eagles WR
44 Jansen, J.J. Carolina Panthers LS
26 Jennings, Tim Chicago Bears CB
59 Kuechly, Luke Carolina Panthers ILB
27 Lacy, Eddie Green Bay Packers RB
75 Long, Kyle Chicago Bears G
12 Luck, Andrew Indianapolis Colts QB
55 Mack, Alex Cleveland Browns C
70 Mankins, Logan New England Patriots G
93 McCoy, Gerald Tampa Bay Buccaneers DT
46 Morris, Alfred Washington Redskins RB
1 Newton, Cam Carolina Panthers QB
99 Orakpo, Brian Washington Redskins OLB
84 Patterson, Cordarrelle Minnesota Vikings PR
21 Peterson, Patrick Arizona Cardinals CB
92 Poe, Dontari Kansas City Chiefs DT
51 Posluszny, Paul Jacksonville Jaguars ILB
61 Pouncey, Mike Miami Dolphins C
45 Reece, Marcel Oakland Raiders FB
24 Revis, Darrelle Tampa Bay Buccaneers CB
18 Slater, Matthew New England Patriots ST
55 Suggs, Terrell Baltimore Ravens OLB
90 Suh, Ndamukong Detroit Lions DT
9 Tucker, Justin Baltimore Ravens K
43 Ward, T.J. Cleveland Browns SS
99 Watt, J.J. Houston Texans DE
32 Weddle, Eric San Diego Chargers FS
94 Williams, Mario Buffalo Bills DE
71 Williams, Trent Washington Redskins T
82 Witten, Jason Dallas Cowboys TE
73 Yanda, Marshal Baltimore Ravens G

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