Mock Draft (first post)

Alright, so for some reason I keep getting annoyed with the mocks some people are putting out, I feel like most sites don't do their research and merely copy others or choose players. I've made one of my own, feel free to comment with any changes. Go Niners!

Free Agency wise:

-Resign: Boldin (one year, two at most), Dawson, Wilhoite, Dixon, Osgood (special teams), Wright, Dobbs (special teams)

-Release/Let walk: Rogers, Brown (seeing as they already extended brock and not brown, he won't be back), Whitner, Manningham, Baldwin, McCoy, Goodwin retiring?

1. Jordan Matthews/ WR/ Vanderbilt 6'3' 209 He's not the most athletic, but he's got game speed, can jump and fight for balls, is smart, and has amazing work ethic. He's also related to Jerry Rice. Destiny?

2a. Deone Bucannon/SS/Washington State 6'1" 215 He could easily replace Whitner, he's bigger and faster, already has superior coverage skills and plays the run very well. He also loves to hit!

2b. Pierre Desir/CB/Lindenwood 6'2" 206 He's a small school guy, but he's legit. He's a very long corner who plays man exceptionally well. They only threw his way three times during the senior bowl and he had one pass defensed and one pick.

3a. Martavis Bryant/WR/Clemson 6'5 200 Bryant has a crazy amount of potential in the NFL. He runs a 4.3, and with his height its the best of both worlds (red zone target and deep threat). His coaches at Clemson went as far as to say he's faster than Watkins and has more potential, he was just over shadowed. He's a better choice as opposed to say picking Benjamin (FSU) in the first.

3b. Keith McGill/CB/Utah 6'3" 205 Another big bodied, long corner. He's a shutdown corner who's quick enough to even cover slot guys and play nickel back. I mean are you kidding me, a 6'3" corner guy that athletic? Yes please. Also had a pick in the senior bowl

3c. Bryan Stork/C/FSU 6'4 305 Solid blocker, smart, good awareness and footwork. He could compete for the starting job.

4. Brandon Thomas/G/Clemson 6'4" 316 great pass blocker and good run blocker, played both guard and tackle in college so he shows versatility. He could add some depth and possibly start next year if iupati leaves.

5. Caraun Reed/DT/Princeton 6'2 301 the guy is a beast, if he develops some more he could be a dominant nose guard in the nfl. They could rotate him with Dial and Dorsey or he could also bump out and play DE. He came from a 4-3 but could honestly play any position on the d-line (except the stand up OLB) He's a projected 5th rounder right now but stock could rise.


5. Crockett Gilmore/TE/Colorado State 6'6" 254 Celek and Carrier don't seem too promising and with all the jumbo sets Roman runs, he could rotate ahead of them with Vance McDonald. Decent blocker (but the size to be great), and actually has really soft hands. He was impressive all week at the senior bowl. Stock could rise.

6. Aaron Lynch/DE/USF 6'5" 244 A bit of a wild card, but he shows a lot of potential. You can never have too many good pass rushers. He can play the 3-4 OLB or put his hand in the dirt.

7a. Jalen Saunders/ATH/Oklahoma 5'8" 165 I know what you're thinking "5'8 165, is he crazy?" I know he's small, but he can play (remember, Seattle could not cover T.Y. Hilton He single-handedly dismantled alabama's defense in their bowl game. He's insanely fast and surprisingly durable. We could use him on special teams and hey, maybe Roman could actually try to be creative and get some people like him or LMJ the ball on offense and let them make plays. Saunders is projected higher, but I don't see many coaches giving him a chance due to size. Maybe Baalke and Harbaugh will?

7b. Donald Hawkins/T/Texas 6'5" 301 capable blocker, could add a little depth to the o-line. He will need to develop some fundamentals.

UDFA. Keith Price/QB/Washington 6'1" 200 Price is actually a pretty good QB. His only knocks are his "arm strength" and height (we all know thats not too much of a factor, seeing that QB from seattle I will not name. He's mobile, good awareness in the backfield, and has good footwork.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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