The elephant on the football field

We all spend so much time talking about why the 49ers lost the game, who they're going to draft, what Roman did wrong...Yet we refuse to acknowledge the inconvenient truth running right at us, and I don't mean frank gore. A whistle after a fumble for a forward progress call, then a game full of non calls on holding, then the refs don't see a fumble/call phantom personal fouls on the niners/don't call actual personal fouls. Sound familiar? That was the last 3 seasons for the 49ers, the end of the last 3 seasons. We talk about how Roman made the wrong play call, how kaepernick is a bad decision maker, how the 49ers were scheming poorly, players getting old. Are you sure that's what has held the niners back?

The truth is not always as sweet as a Disney movie. What we grow up knowing as a valuable, national pastime gives many of us a sense of identity and we think of it as innocent with the sole purpose of providing us enjoyment. We fail to appreciate the significance of the obvious true purpose of the nfl's existence: money.

Anyone who has watched an NFL season closely and does enough research will find out that the NFL has been manipulating games right before your eyes PREDETERMINING its winners, not in every game, but in every playoff game and those that can help determine playoff seeding. Now, practically everybody's first reaction to this statement would be this: "That's impossible. Too many players and coaches would have to be in on it and they could never keep a secret like that. Besides, the nil would have too much to lose if it got out." WRONG. 1) The NFL is legally allowed to fix its games. Don't believe me? Read this When a jets fan sued the new england patriots as a result of the spygate scandal for the cost of his seat at a game, the judge ruled that he paid for a game and he saw a game, regardless of whether it was fixed or not. 2) The entire league does not have to be in on a fix. Often one player is enough, or usually the referees instead, who by the way are the nfl's employees and are required to do what the nfl tells them. Thus, the players might not even know it, but when they see a game robbed from them, they are forbidden to speak about the referees or they will be punished. The referees and players are all salaried employees of the nfl. They cannot decide a winner in any game, but in remotely close games, all it takes is a couple bad calls. Of course people idolize the nfl and believe in good will. Yet, were it not for a whistle for forward progress after a Brandon Jacobs fumble, the hold smorgesbord of non calls in the superbowl, or the bad officiating in the championship game the niners would've probably won each game (despite them being helped in each previous game before those). Even if you don't agree with what I'm saying, with the last three niners seasons decided by bad officiating, what are the chances that officating next year will decide the niners season once again? Will you still give the refs the benefit of the doubt?

And just because you've spent twenty years or so writing about sports, following sports, or your job depends on sports and have invested a ton of time and energy, it does not make it any less true. It is always worth accepting the truth, no matter how unpleasant. Of course announcers and TV analysts have their own investments in the popularity of sports, so don't expect them to say this on air. The nfl can legally manipulate its games (that has been verified in court) and certain playoff outcomes give the nfl certain ratings which bring certain amounts of money. Obviously the nfl isn’t gonna let money fly out the window, so they're going to make storylines count. Storylines, storylines, storylines. Every super bowl is a friggin Disney movie. They don’t care about giving people some national public show, it’s about $$$ for them. They don’t owe the people anything. Believe me, I wish the nfl (as well as other pro sports) wasn’t fixed. It is to our dismay to have to admit this and more and more people are noticing it now because it’s becoming more and more obvious. Whoever can try and prove me wrong, I challenge you. And I hope you're right. But for me it would be harder than convincing me that Paris isn't in France.

We always give the refs the benefit of the doubt, assuming that they're non biased and doing the best job they can. Well how about when the ravens are two yards offsides on the niners two point conversion with a ref standing right behind him? What about the refs standing right behind the ravens o line as they hold 6 different players on their fake punt safety? What about the ref standing next to two ravens holding bruce smith for 15 yards as jones runs for a touchdown? It's happened the other way. And don't call me sour grapes, because it goes both ways. What about the ref not calling 12 men in the huddle even though McDonald in fact WAS even in the huddle when the ref started swinging his arm vs the panthers? What about the bowman hold on Roddy White? What about the Donte Whitner helmet to helmet hit that knocked Pierre Thomas unconscious yet still wasn't called? What about 6 referees not seeing bowman take the ball away from Kearse and giving the seahawks the ball back? What about the refs thinking up a NEW RULE on the spot called the "tuck rule" in 2001 in favor of a team called the "patriots" after 9/11 after an obvious regular fumble? Did the refs just randomly decide at that moment that there weren't enough rules in the game and just make one up on the spot? Dozens of examples over and over and over and it gets you thinking: is it just coincidence that these booboos somehow always lead to the more profitable story materializing and the nfl always getting the most possible ratings/money as result? Storylines, storylines, storylines.

Believe me, I wish the nfl was honest, I wish somebody could actually convince me otherwise. Yet, the evidence is so overwhelming and anybody that disagrees, disagrees due to one of the following 1) has too much invested in football (their time and identity) 2) just doesn't realize how easy a game can be fixed and how little it takes. I could give a million more examples of bad officiating, in which it always seems to favor the more profitable outcome. Do referees make mistakes? Sure. And it can go both ways in a game. Do they make egregious calls way more often when the game matters and it could possibly help a team that is more marketable at that particular time? ALL THE TIME. It especially stands out when there is a ref with an excellent view of the play and he calls nothing. NFL is a game that has rules, and for a fair game, those rules must be enforced at all times. "Let them play" doesn't apply. These technicalities also provide the leeway that refs need to sway a game. It it were really honest, then penalties like helmet to helmet hits and especially fumbles would be reviewable and challengeable.

Isn’t it a little odd to you by the way that just about every week 17 game always decides who gets into the playoffs or the seeding? No, it’s got nothing to do with the ratings (cough cough). It always just so happens that one team has one more win come week 17 in the division, but whadaya know, the other team has better division standings, so the games all matter. And nevermind Tim Donaghy and other footage of refs fixing games in the NBA. Nevermind the SEVEN HUNDRED European soccer matches that were discovered to be fixed. Nevermind the 100 Billion dollars bet annually on nfl games. Nevermind Bubba Smith claiming his whole life that Super Bowl 3 was fixed (in which the AFC would have to win for the NFL merger to happen). Never mind Jerry Rice and Tim Brown publicly accusing their coach of throwing the game. Those aren't credible sources right?

There are no teams by the way that do better or worse in the playoffs. It’s just another copout for the nfl to get its money teams on tv. There are only small market teams like the Falcons who always get screwed or boring teams like the Browns who few people support. Btw I love how they gave niner fans a token debate or sports channels about the last Michael Crabtree holding play, when it was the WHOLE GAME that was rigged. Even the announcers and analysts facilitate this phenomenon. Here's another quite interesting stat: 1st seed teams are 2-9 in the super bowl since 2000. Isn't that peculiar? By the law of averages the win percentage should be 50 at least. Do underdog wins please the fans a little more? After this year it'll be 3-10. They can't have every 1st seed lose. In fact, NFL history tells that if you are good at determining rating outcomes, you could make a good bit betting, better than an analyst.

Then people spend a whole year analyzing why a team lost. In the case that a team is the better team anyway, like the Broncos vs. Pats, they might not make any bad calls. Or who knows, maybe Brady knew it was in the bag for Manning. Maybe he just went along with it. In the case that the match is even, a few/several calls can help determine a game. The refs gave the niners a head start against the panthers. The refs gave the niners last year's nfc championship in just one play. I don't claim to know all the complexities of such a sophisticated multi billion dollar "business", so they may have means beyond me. I am convinced however that the db that fell down during the Mile High Miracle was paid off, then in the ravens vs pats it looked like the pats kind of laid down in the second half. I don't know how it was fixed i just know that it was due to what the nfl always strives for. Who knows, maybe Brady even threw the game. Regardless, I know that it was fixed somehow by watching how the other games went. There's no way the ravens would just blow out the pats like that in the second half. Then the super bowl was the worst one since the 2001 pats vs rams. In the super bowl, again I'm not 100 percent sure, but I'm convinced Culliver was bought off. Pretty conspicuous play in that game. One thing I can say for sure is that the refs were definitely instructed to call it for the ravens. One thing that I have enjoyed is the nfl setting the packers up against the niners every year for the niners to demolish them. This year the refs even helped out the packers just to keep the game close and viewers watching, otherwise I think the niners would've had an easy ten point win. It should've been the bears against the niners, but that would've been a boring game. The NFL wouldn't have that, would they? Everyone would just chalk that up for the niners. In order for the packers to even make it to the wildcard, it took some horrendous officiating in the packers vs bears game. Including a bogus incomplete pass turned fumble and the game winning play in which a delay of game should've been called, and more. Before the seahawks niners game I wasn't worried one bit about the crowd noise or their good defense. My only thought was "who are they going to rig it for?" As surveyed on the and espn, the majority of fans voted the seahawks broncos as the most popular choice and that's what they got.

So believe me, fans always like to act noble and say "Well, yeah the refs were crooked. But we had one last chance and we didn't make it so it's our fault." BS. If the refs were willing to make horrific calls already to give the team the lead in the first place, don't you think they'd make another bad call to give the team another boost? The niners did enough to win that game and even if Kaep didn't throw an interception, you would've seen an offensive pass interference or a holding to make sure the hawks had the edge. Trust me. No matter what would've happened, those refs had to make SURE the seahawks were going to the super bowl. Simple as that. It's not the most optimistic view, but it's the TRUTH. Next team to get screwed over: the hawks, even though they've been getting help the last two years on the non-calls on holding. Sherman dares the refs to call him on it and they don't. It’s my opinion btw that they wanted him to be obnoxious to get more viewers and make him a bad guy. They'll call them in the super bowl along with whatever else they wanna call that might help the Broncos. Btw the nfl wanted to give the hawks the division from the get-go. If they didn't then they wouldn't have fixed the game at the saints.

With the 9/11 patriots win and spygate, with the katrina saints and the bs vikings game, with the spygate scandal evidence getting tossed out the window, with the ray lewis swan song, with the payton manning swan song that’s comin up in a week. The nfl set up their "bad guy" in the seahawks…I saw this game coming from a mile away. Come on, don’t be a sucker. Fortunately, people are really catching on nowadays. I see people talking about this both online all the time and in person. People a little while ago didn’t believe that wrestling wasn’t fixed and now they’ve started to wake up…It’s just a matter of time now.

Don't let your time and energy invested in the nfl hide your eyes from the truth. It's hard for everybody to believe at first, until they research the facts and put it all together.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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