Golden Nuggets: #GetitdoneBaalke

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

"Get it done Baalke".

With just one final game separating the 2013 NFL season from full off-season mode, this is going to be the most repeated phrase in Niners Nation in the upcoming months. There's definitely a lot to consider for the front office even if the team already has a solid core going into the next few years. Here's a good sampling of the free agency dealings that will be taking place.

Free Agency

Early 49ers free-agent primer (Williamson)

With only Tramaine Brock guaranteed to return as a starter, the CB position may see the most turnover in the defense next season. | Even after a tumultuous season, Tarell Brown wants to stay with the 49ers (BASG)

It's clear that the offensive line needs to get better next year especially in pass protection. It's curious to see which direction Baalke will take. Youth or continuity? | Center of Attention: Looking forward to changes for the 49ers interior line (Gin)

What should 49ers do at center? (ESPN)

The defensive line is in the spotlight too, particularly with Justin Smith entering his age 35 year. Can he still play at his beastly level? He probably could, but at a significantly reduced number of snaps. This means DL reserves will have an even bigger impact next season than they did this year. | Look ahead: Transition year on the 49ers' defensive line (Barrows)

If ever there were two first year 49ers who were an absolute impact for the team, both Anquan Boldin and Phil Dawson fit the bill. After the David Akers fiasco, Dawson is a definite must sign, and Boldin is a tick below that. I'd go 3-4 year deal for Phil and 2 years w/ 3rd-year team option on Anquan. | Boldin, Dawson top candidates for deals before free agency (Maiocco)

I believe this off-season will be a key for Quinton Patton's future. There is no guarantee that the 49ers will be able to make the numbers work in resigning Anquan Boldin for next year. Patton will have an outside chance to be a starter and I honestly think he has what it takes to shine. | Niners' Quinton Patton Eager to Get to Work (NBC)

Team Notes

Still on Anquan. What a season. | Anquan Boldin earns high praise (ESPN)

Earl Thomas is one of a few Seattle players that I like, not just for his on field talent, but for his class as well (which is in stark contrast to another player in their secondary). | Seahawks' Thomas on Kaepernick: ‘That's a special player right there' (Branch)

Here's the link to Earl Thomas' blog post about the NFC Championship game. Good insights into how tough that game was for both sides. | Take Nothing for Granted (Earl Thomas)

So many of us were disappointed with Colin Kaepernick's final throw of the season, but here's an example of a similar play where he just had to get it over an excellent DB in the end zone and it is literally inches that determines the success of the play. Kaepernick is a clutch playmaker and you will see him succeed at it for many more years to come. | Plays of the Year: Anquan Boldin's Score in Seattle (49ers)

The 49 best 49ers photos of the year (SF Gate)

One of a plethora of mock drafts you will see in the next few months. | 49ers mock draft No.1 (Cohn)

49ers offseason injury updates (Maiocco)

Super Bowl Notes

The 49ers fan's guide to a championship game our team is not playing in. | Super Bowl recipes for the vengeful 49ers fan (updated) (BASG)

In baseball, people would often count how many former Cubs would be on World Series teams to determine who had the worse "Curse of the Ex-Cubs Factor". There's no such thing in the NFL, but here's a count of former Niners in the Superbowl. | 49ers connections dot both Super Bowl organizations (Maiocco)

To play in the ultimate game, an overwhelming majority of players are not as concerned with player safety. | Most players would play Super Bowl with concussion (Yahoo)

In a season where glaring officiating mistakes were plenty, what does the NFL do to improve it going forward? | Super Bowl: Officiating error is NFL's biggest nightmare (SJMN)


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