My Fantasy Plan for the Offseason- Pre-Combine Edition

Hi everyone! The 49ers are out of the playoffs, and we have about 7-8 months before seeing our Red and Gold players playing once again in meaningful football. But there's a lot for the 49ers to still address in the off-season, so today I'll be diving into my dream of an ideal off-season for the San Francisco 49ers, and I have still complete faith we can go to and win Super Bowl 49.


My plan would be to sign impending 49er free agents Anquan Boldin, Donte Whitner, Kassim Osgood, Perrish Cox, and Phil Dawson. My explanations for each are:

Boldin- He would be our number 2 WR, and he has shown(obviously) to be able to catch Kaepernick's fastballs, and has shown a sort of chemistry with Kap. He can also mentor the young wide receivers such as Quinton Patton.

Whitner- He's shown to have bounced back from a bad 2012 season, and has been a great mentor to young free safety Eric Reid.

Kassim Osgood and Phil Dawson- Two great players on special teams. Dawson has been almost automatic for the second half of the season and beyond, and Osgood has been a tremendous special teamer on punt returns.

Perrish Cox- I would like to sign one of the CBs back, and I think that Cox has performed past Wright and is cheaper to re-sign than Brown.

Free Agency-

I personally don't think we will be very active in free agency, but I think we will sign a couple of veterans to help the depth at some positions. I think the signings should be at:

Quarterback- In order to give Kap some guidance on the bench. Plus, I would be much more comfortable if, say Josh McCown had to lead the team for a quarter than Colt McCoy.

Cornerback and Safety- This is only if Whiter/Cox is not resigned. I would love to cut Craig Dahl for cap space though.


Cut Carlos Rogers- We needs da cap space!!!!!

Extend Colin Kaepernick, Aldon Smith, and Michael Crabtree- I'm not getting into numbers at the moment(I'll probably do that in my next edition), but I think they're our franchise players, and I would love to have them back long term.


I have not really looked into the prospects yet; I will do so when the draft gets closer. I have a basic idea of what postion I want filled though.

1. CB- I feel this is the most important need when Brown, Wright, and Rogers is gone.

2(KC). WR- I believe we will re-sign Boldin, but I think we need to get stocked at the WR position before we are depleted quickly.

2. SS-This player will be behind Donte Whitner, and will take his place when he leaves.

3(TEN). I think this will be used to trade up for the CB.

3. OG- This player will either replace Iupati, or be the depth when one of the OGs on the roster steps up.

4. D-lineman-We have used two picks to strengthen the secondary. Now it's time to help the men in the trenches. Who loves da sack, baby?

5. CB or WR- I'm conflicted on this one. More depth at CB, or WR?

6. Aaron Colvin, Oklahoma- He will most likely take the season on the NFI list ala Tank Carradine.

7(NO)- Center- I think that Kilgore will replace Goodwin, but it doesn't hurt to get another lineman for depth.

7(CAR). Quarterback- I want to take a flier on a late round QB like Daniels, who will compete for the third QB spot against McBLT.

7. Trade or ILB- Most likely trade, but possibly having another camp body to compete for ILB depth.

And that's it. I realize my draft is a little sloppy, but I really haven't looked into the prospects. Tell me what you think in the comments!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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