Golden Nuggets: Taking a Stand. For Freedom and Justice Everywhere.

Andrew Burton

Thursday, January 30, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the internet.

Happy Thursday everyone! This week is the week leading up to the Superbowl, otherwise known as Superbowl week. Most of the national TV and radio guys pack up their shows and travel out to wherever the game is being played. This year, in New York, I imagine most didn't have to travel far, but the idea is the same. Superbowl week is in my opinion, the greatest week for sports talk radio all year. Only this year, I haven't listened to a minute of it, I've even been turning on music instead (!!!) on my drives to and from school all week. I just have no interest in getting into the hype. For the most part, I have the gist of what is happening from twitter, but I am proud of myself for just staying away and not getting worked up over nothing. Yes, I know, my sacrifice is great, if I were to compare myself to anyone, it would probably be this anonymous Seahawks player. I have a social responsibility to watch the Superbowl, but rest assured, my heart won't be in it aside from rooting for Peyton Manning. To the Links.

Like BASG states in his piece, what the 49ers are going to do about Kaepernick comes before any other financial decisions. What they ultimately decide on will determine how much money they have to work with. I imagine he should be cheaper now than he would have been last season, but being a highly talented QB I would bet that any contract would be close to 100 million at least. It’s not a given that the 49ers will extend Colin Kaepernick (BASG)

I see no reason to spend any real money on a backup QB. A good one might be able to get us to the playoffs should Kap get hurt. Lets be real, we aren't winning a Superbowl with a backup so I don't see the necessity in this particular form of insurance. I say draft a developmental guy late and sign a dirt cheap veteran, I really don't want to see much cap going towards the backup QB spot. Moving Forward: 49ers quarterback depth is uncertain (Gin)

The 49ers promoted another executive yesterday. Ethan Casson, who helped the 49ers land a number of corporate sponsors and partnerships, most notably Levi Strauss. In his new job as Chief Revenue Officer, he will be responsible for managing all revenue streams the 49ers generate.

49ers Name Ethan Casson Chief Revenue Officer (49ers)

49ers name Casson chief revenue officer (Maiocco)

Former 49ers and Broncos player Nate Jackson from San Jose writes memoir about life in the NFL (SJMN)

It really depends on what the team does with Kaepernick, but I don't see Tarell Brown with us next season. Some other team with more cap space will offer him more than we can afford to match. Morning Tailgate: Tarell Brown Hopes to Be Back (49ers)

If Brown does leave, and Carlos Rogers is cut (he either restructures or gets cut) the logical starting corner duo would be Tramaine Brock and Chris Culliver. I know a lot of people soured on Culliver for both his play in the playoffs two seasons ago and his homophobic comments during Superbowl week. But I'm a big fan of Culliver the football player, I thought he was the 49ers best corner before he was injured. Culliver Appears Ready for Big Role in 49ers' Secondary (NBC)

San Francisco 49ers Hall of Fame primer (ESPN)

How the 49ers handle trash talking (ESPN)

Montana: No regrets missing Candlestick finale, plans final 'game' (Maiocco)

Joe Montana on why he wasn't at 49ers last game at Candlestick (SJMN)

Joe Montana Talks Jerry Rice's Legacy (49ers)

Playing time: D-line rotation meant more rest for J. Smith (Maiocco)

Look ahead: OLB in good shape, even when stars are absent (Barrows)

Instead of extension, 49ers could take the fifth with Aldon Smith (Branch)

49ers, Kaepernick and 'the window' (Maiocco)

Plays of the Year: Kaepernick's 58-yard Playoff Run (49ers)

Is grass green? Is the Sky blue? Also, please Baalke, if you are reading this, do NOT mortgage our future and follow Cohn's advice on trading up into the top five. Should the 49ers re-sign Boldin? (Cohn)

Eric Reid treasures Pro Bowl experience (ESPN)

Kap and Cam Newton will be hosting the Cartoon Network awards. My only take on this is "Cartoon Network awards?" It wasn't all that long ago that I had a daily ritual of eating my dinner five minutes at a time during commercial breaks because my mom wouldn't let me eat on the couch while watching Dragon Ball Z. I watched the other day with my little cousins and I felt like one of the slightly older kids in the AT&T U-verse commercials telling my little cousin about a generation long sense past when toddlers didn't have their own cell phones.

The Kap 'n' Cam show: QBs to host Cartoon Network awards (Barrows)

Colin Kaepernick to Co-host Award Show (49ers)

Coming soon: It's the Colin and Cam show (ESPN)

Competitors to co-hosts: Kaepernick, Newton to share stage at awards show (Branch)

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