Super Bowl 48 picks, predictions: Broncos-Seahawks spread has me a little surprised


The Broncos and Seahawks square off this Sunday in Super Bowl XLVIII. We've got some picks and predictions heading into the weekend.

Well, thank heavens were just about through with the Super Bowl crush. The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos meet up this Sunday to close out the NFL season. Although we've all moved on to the offseason to some extent, the close of the Super Bowl will really push us that much further into the offseason. We like that.

If you have not made your prediction for our prediction contest, make sure and head over there and do that before Sunday. While I just want to get on to the 2014 season, I have had a thought or two about this game.

The Broncos are three point favorites in this game, which caught me a little off-guard. The Broncos have a dynamic offense, but I still think defenses can be the key to winning a championship. It's not an absolute requirement, but when you've got a really good defense like that of the Seahawks, I think it can be that serious difference-maker. The Seahawks defense isn't run of the mill, it's very solid.

Peyton Manning and company bring more weapons than anybody the Seahawks have faced this season. The 49ers offense was dynamic, but when the Broncos offense is clicking, it can be ridiculous. And yet, I don't think that offense will be clicking on Sunday. It's not even really about the "cold weather" narrative, or anything like that. I actually think this game is more likely going to come down to which of Marshawn Lynch or Knowshon Moreno is able to make plays.

I would like to say that the MVP will be a running back, but there are too many stupid media narratives that might get in the way of that. If the Seahawks win and Marshawn Lynch is a big reason why, do bitter media members piss on his chances because of the limited talking thing? I have little doubt the national media will play ridiculous games with this because of what happened. It almost makes me hope for a monster game from Lynch.

And what If the Broncos win and Knowshon Moreno is the main reason? Does Peyton Manning still claim an MVP award as sort of a last (or near last) hurrah type of deal? It's absurd the way the media sometimes hijacks these things. We've seen it with the nonsense surrounding baseball's Hall of Fame voting. It's not exactly the same, but it follows that pattern of the national media turning themselves into a story to some extent.

I think we're in for a decent game. While I would enjoy a Broncos blowout, I don't think we see it. I do think the Broncos can win the game, but I think the Seahawks defense and Marshawn Lynch will be just a little too much for them. I'm going with a final prediction of Seahawks 27 - Broncos 23.

Obviously feel free to discuss your predictions for Sunday's game in here, but also make sure and get your score prediction into the prediction contest FanPost when you get a minute.

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