Golden Nuggets: Back to Face the Pack

San Jose Mercury News (Courtesy of the Kaepernick Family)

Saturday, January 4, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

In what is beginning to be a yearly occurrence, The 49ers once again face the Green Bay Packers for the second time in a season. There has been a good historical rivalry between these two teams going back decades, before starting QB Colin Kaepernick even knew what a football was. We all know Kaep was a Green Bay fan growing up and just for fun, I inserted his photo as a child (SJMN). He was only five years old here so we can excuse him for not having gained any fashion sense yet. Although some would argue that he still hasn't, but let's not bring up that Dolphins cap again.

Anyway, Colin is now sporting the correct colors of red and gold, and ironically he leads his team against a quarterback who grew up a huge fan of the 49ers. You gotta love the humor of the football gods. Unfortunately, we could not find a similar photo of Aaron Rodgers in a 49ers jersey, although Alex Smith once came very close to getting one, but Rodgers chose to wear his chicken shirt instead.

Let's all hope that Kaep once again does what he does best against Green Bay which is have a career day on the field. After all, the 49ers still owe the Packers a couple more heartbreaks before things are square between the two franchises.

49ers vs. Packers

Matchups Favor the San Francisco 49ers This Week Against Green Bay in Playoff Rematch (Yahoo)

Keys for 49ers-Packers (NBC)

Packers-49ers wild-card matchup could be coldest game in NFL history (SI)

BASGcast (Ep.74) - 49ers-Packers Wild Card Preview (BASG)

We are in for another adventure in the game-planning world of Greg Roman. Will he finally create a plan that will sustain 4 quarters of success? | 49ers' Greg Roman in tough position (Kawakami)

Snow day: 49ers to practice outdoors in Green Bay on Saturday (Barrows)

(Cold) blast from past: First 49ers-Packers game foreshadowed '14 meeting (Branch)

49ers vs. Packers: these teams don't like each other (GIFs) (BASG)

Player Spotlights

The former-SEC rivals are back on the same field. | Four Downs: Eric Reid, Eddie Lacy Renew Rivalry (Price)

49ers-Packers matchup No. 3: Goodwin vs. Pickett (Maiocco)

A look back at Anquan Boldin's big day against Green Bay (GIFs) (BASG)

So Boldin is the 49ers emergency QB | 49ers are grateful Boldin, onetime QB, chose to play wide receiver (SF Gate)

49ers injury report: Carlos Rogers and Eric Wright are questionable (Gin)

Perrish Cox will provide backup protection for a limping secondary. | Newly re-signed Cox in line to see a lot of action (Maiocco)

Boldin meets expectations in 1st year with 49ers (Yahoo)

Team Awards

49ers Announce 2013 Team Awards (49ers)

Bowman earns All-Pro honors & Eshmont; Boldin wins Bill Walsh Award (SF Gate)


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