Golden Nuggets: The Green Men vs The White Men

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, January 7, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

It was Wildcard game day against the Packers, and my 3 year old nephew was up at 5:00 AM Manila time, so I thought it was perfect time to indoctrinate him into 49er fandom. He thoroughly enjoyed watching the game beside me for about 5 minutes, then he got distracted by dinosaurs. That's alright though since he will now be another Niners fan for life. Let me quote though how he described the game from his point of view:

"It was the green men and the white men and they were wearing helmets. The one with the green shirt fell... and then the many white ones got the ball. But there was only one white one who caught the football."

And there you have it. Definitely a future TV analyst in the making. Next week I'll teach him how to use a Telestrator. It's always fun when your team wins and this one was a solid win in the Lambeau tundra. This team is built to win: at home, on the road, in heat or in the arctic chill. Bring on those Panthers because they have a reckoning due them.

49ers vs. Packers Redux

Grading the 49ers' 23-20 win over Packers (Inman)

49ers cash in with nickel defense against Packers (Maiocco)

GIFs: some of the best plays (and no-calls) from 49ers vs. Packers (BASG)

Bat by LaMichael James wouldn't have resulted in a safety (PFT)

All About Kaep

Colin Kaepernick running toward history (ESPN)

How far will Colin Kaepernick take the 49ers? (BASG)

Harbaugh calls Kaepernick ‘good bad-weather quarterback' (Inman)

Colin Kaepernick continues to remain clutch under pressure (Gin)

What's your job security like when your owner let's people know you aren't his first choice. | Mike Brown wanted Colin Kaepernick over Andy Dalton (NFL)

Player Spotlights

Crabtree Makes 49ers Much Improved in Rematch with Panthers (NBC)

Unsung Hero Perrish Cox Contributes at CB (Price)

49ers vs. Panthers

Ron Rivera: Pressure will be on 49ers (ESPN)

Steve Smith says he'll play for Panthers vs. 49ers (NFL)

Underdog Panthers prepare for different 49ers team (Yahoo)

Harbaugh savors win over Packers, begins to peer toward Panthers (SF Gate)

Team Notes

The feeding frenzy on the 49ers coaching staff begins. | Report: Vikings, Redskins reach out to Greg Roman (PFT)

Roman, Fangio draw interest for head-coaching jobs (Maiocco)

Report: 49ers reward Tarell Brown with $300k bonus (Gin)

Looking ahead to contract discussions (Video). | 49ers will have to pay up (PFT)


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