Golden Nuggets: Who do the Niners go after?

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

After going over the 2014 free agent list, I couldn't really tell if there are any possible big additions that Trent Baalke and Jim Harbaugh could get that would make our team much better. With the amount of draft picks we have, it doesn't make much sense to spend a bunch of money in free agency. Of course, the Faithful want Boldin and Dawson back after making huge impacts for the team this year. It is obvious we need a fast receiver that can stretch the field and a cornerback. None of the top WRs are appealing. The only possible fit I see would be Emmanuel Sanders. We know his speed fits what we are looking for and he makes big plays, but the Niners may be looking for a bigger target. As far as cornerbacks, I think we really just need Tarrell Brown back, have Chris Culliver healthy and we should be set at the position with a couple draft picks. The name that pops up most is Oklahoma St.'s Justin Gilbert. According to scouting reports, he has elite speed and is good in man coverage. All the negatives seem to be about effort or technique. With the veterans on the Niners defense, I'm sure the effort wouldn't be an issue because Willis and Bowman would set him straight. Technique could be taught with a year learning the ins and outs of playing CB in the NFL. I don't expect much movement from the Niners in free agency. I except them to resign their own guys more than anything. Watch out for them to make moves in the draft with so many picks stashed away this year. Now on to the links.

49ers Links

Dorsey has been a good addition to the defense. | Dorsey in the Middle (Williams)

Lattimore is No. 28. He could make a huge jump if he has a good year. | Niner Rankings 26-30 (Williamson)

$16 million for a kicker? No thank you. Let's sign a extension Phil. | Dawson will not be franchise tagged (Florio)

4th toughest schedule? Bring it on! | Strength of Schedule (Williamson)

Niners unlikely to use franchise tag (Maiocco)

SF is United! | Niners and SF Giants train together (Price)

He would fit, but don't think it's a position needed. He could be drafted by the Niners, but it would not be till one of the late rounds. | Would Sam fit with the NIners? (Williamson)

I say we wait. No reason to rush. | To wait or not wait on Kaep's new deal?

Vernon needs help at tight end (Barrows)

Culliver to support Bowman (Kegley)

I have high hopes for Patton. I think he could be a huge contributor for the team. | Possible 2014 Breakout Stars (Williamson)

What is Baalke to do? (Cohn)

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