The 2013 49ers word cloud sums it all up


If you do not know what a word cloud is, the general definition is as follows:

A tag cloud is a visual representation for text data, typically used to depict keyword metadata on websites, or to visualize free form text. Tags are usually single words, and the importance of each tag is shown with font size or color.

I've discussed my use of Reddit in the past, and I once again look to the 49ers sub-reddit for an interesting piece of information. Reddit created word clouds for the sub-reddits for every single team. They posted word clouds for the Top 100, Top 200 and Top 300 most used words at each sub-reddit.

You can view all three for the 49ers HERE, but I thought I would share the Top 100 words version. While this is not identical to what you would see in the threads here at Niners Nation, I think there are some words that would show up often here as well:


There are some interesting tidbits to pull from this:

1. They swear a fair amount, so right off the bat we know those words would not show up in an NN word cloud. People swear plenty in the game threads, but with the site decorum in place, it suppresses that number.

2. In this very unscientific study, 49ers fans would appear to talk about the Seahawks a little more than Seahawks fans talk about the 49ers! Obviously talking about players with no reference to Seattle or Seahawks is not quite as frequently shown here, but it's still interesting to consider this. They listed out the top 500 words mentioned at the 49ers sub-Reddit, and I am not remotely surprised that Sherman is the No. 16 most frequent word. He might be in our heads just a little bit! It is worth noting, Wilson showed up No. 84.

3. Kap and Kaepernick were frequently used, but Alex made some frequent appearances. Smith appeared as well, but obviously with Aldon and Justin, that's no surprise. I do wonder how many times "Alex Smith" would make an appearance.

4. Bit was probably the most randomly used word. I'm not entirely sure what kind of context would include that.

5. Hate was No. 15, and I think we can picture a few different contexts for use of that word. I'm sure it would be high on a Niners Nation word cloud.

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