NFL Combine prep: Tajh Boyd conducts throwing rehearsal with Anquan Boldin

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Clemson QB prospect Tajh Boyd worked out with Anquan Boldin to prepare for the NFL Combine. We break down the 49ers backup QB situation, and what we can draw from this news.

Fooch's Note: Per Andrew Spruill, Boyd prepared for the Combine with XPE Sports, and Boldin off-season training with them. He was basically just there to help out.

I was poking around Twitter this evening, and friend of the site Vincent Frank retweeted this interesting nugget:

Ken Mastrole is a private quarterback coach who is based in South Florida. Boldin is originally from South Florida (and I think still lives around there), so it is not entirely shocking that he would provide assistance to a local QB coach. While we can infer next to nothing from this for the 49ers, it is still interesting to consider the value of Boldin getting work with Boyd. And maybe if Boldin returns to the 49ers, he can provide his own assessment to Trent Baalke and company.

The 49ers still need to figure out their backup quarterback situation. Colt McCoy is a free agent, leaving McLeod Bethel-Thompson as the only quarterback on the roster, other than Colin Kaepernick. The 49ers have a plethora of draft picks, and while they have some needs to fill, there is something to be said for drafting a developing a young quarterback. Even if that backup never saw the field outside of blowouts, you can still potentially develop a guy who could be dealt for draft assets down the road.

The question then becomes which quarterback is that guy. Boyd is pretty far down the list. Trevor Woods did not include him in his Top 10, SB Nation's January rankings have him at No. 9, ESPN ranks him 11th and CBS Sports ranks him 13th.

Friend of the site, Matt Miller, spoke with the staff via podcast, and had some thoughts on Boyd:

"I think Tajh Boyd would be a good fit," Miller told this week.

"He's shown some running ability, has the downfield arm," said Miller before noting that Boyd, "needs to work on his mechanics especially on quick, underneath routes."

"He seems to have the physical attributes that fit with what the 49ers have done (at quarterback)," Miller noted.

Boyd seems like he would be a bit of a project type of quarterback. If the 49ers looked at him in the draft (or UDFA if he fell out of the draft), I have to assume they would look at some other options that are more proven, whether it be a higher day 2 or early day 3 draft pick, or a veteran backup.

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