Golden Nuggets: Countdown to Combine


Wednesday, February 19, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

With the NFL Combine just days away, it means a new season is upon us. Kind of. We are looking for the next players to help the Niners win and produce. According a few analysts, this draft class is deep in a number of positions. The most important for the Niners would be wide receiver. If a few of these wideouts produce great 40 yard dash numbers, one is likely to drop down to us. I prefer Marquis Lee, but I don't think he will be on the board long enough for us to take unless we trade up, which is a possibility. Cornerback is also a big position to watch with a few players that look like potential producers. Personally, I don't think the combine is a good way to assess cornerbacks other than their speed. CBs rely more on instincts. But if a few of them post great speed at the combine, they will make moves up the draft board. The last position that needs some help with this draft would be defensive line. Linemen are always needed and we have to be prepared for when Justin Smith is no longer around. This weekend will be filled with players doing tremendous combine numbers and talk about players moving up and down. Be ready to work Baalke. The excitement of the upcoming season starts now!

49ers Links:

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A deep draft is needed. We should pick up 2 | 2014 Draft deep with WRs (Price)

More speed than size at WR (Maiocco)

We need a backup QB. Will the Niners draft a QB? (Price)

Westbrook on 2010 Niners (Branch)

The Niners have a good thing going. Good team and have a bunch of draft picks that will keep them at the top | Niners still able to improve (Williamson)

Colin as a Host (Price)

Top Slot CBs (Barrows)

Eric Wright's year with the Niners (49erswebzone)

If the player is worth it, the Niners should take a shot at an injured player. Especially one where we have depth at | Will the Niners draft another injured player? (Williamson)

Unfortunately, some of our free agents will have to go | Can't keep all our free agents (Maiocco)

If I had to chose, I would go with Boldin. But we really should sign both immediately | Whitner vs. Boldin (Damilatis/McGuinness)

No surprises here | 49ers Rankings: 1-5 (Williamson)

Backup needed for Kaepernick (Williams)

Kaep and Newton host award show (BASG)

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