Golden Nuggets: Scary Jim Harbaugh rumors resurface and the 49ers won't ask Gore to renegotiate

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Saturday, February 22, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the internet

Happy Saturday folks, yesterday was probably the first really crazy day of the offseason and I can't say for certain if we will have another one quite like it any time soon. Mike Florio of PFT broke some serious news yesterday. Apparently during the Cleveland Brown's extensive coaching search a few weeks back, there was an attempted trade for Jim Harbaugh. Trading coaches is a really rare occurrence, the last time was in 2006 when Herm Edwards was traded from the Jets to the Chiefs. That rarity, and the thought that Harbaugh would go from a contender to a non playoff team makes this seem impossible under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, we all see what Jim Harbaugh appears to be like and nobody should expect him to conform to normal standards. I don't believe for a second that Florio just made all this up, but at the same time, I seriously doubt this got anywhere near as close to being done as he reported. I caution against the thought that Harbaugh would never leave us, like I said above, he is not a normal person and I don't think you can apply conventional wisdom to any decision he makes. Still, Jim Harbaugh will be the Coach of the San Francisco 49ers next season and unless he doesn't sign an extension this offseason, there is no need to worry about his future with the team. Report: Browns, 49ers discussed trading Jim Harbaugh (Barrows)

Report: Harbaugh nearly was traded to the Browns; York disputes that (Inman)

Browns tried to get Jim Harbaugh (ESPN)

Did the San Francisco 49ers almost trade Jim Harbaugh to the Browns? (SFgate)

I have been nervous about this Harbaugh story from the first Texas rumor with absolutely no proof other than my own guy feeling. Matt Maiocco wrote today that Harbaugh's future with the team is uncertain. I also believe there is more than just some truth to the Harbaalke beef reports we have been hearing. Time to at least prepare for the prospect of a Harbaugh-less future (BASG)

I wish I could believe Jed, but the 49ers would be the last people I would expect to confirm this report since it adds an aura of dysfunction to their mostly clean image under Jed. 49ers owner denies Harbaugh-to-Browns report (Barrows)

49ers, Harbaugh must come to accord (ESPN)

Report of near-trade raises questions about Harbaugh’s future with 49ers (Branch)

Mort confirms "substance" of our Harbaugh report (PFT)

Report: Browns nearly acquired Jim Harbaugh from 49ers in a trade (Gin)

Harbaugh echoes York in stating report of potential Browns trade ‘isn’t true’ (Inman)

Trent Baalke spoke to the media yesterday morning before all of the Harbaugh drama occured and he had some pretty interesting things to say. According to him, the 49ers will not ask Frank Gore to renegotiate his contract. I find that really surprising as he has no dead money associated to him. They could cut him tomorrow and free up more than 6 million in cap space with dead money going against the cap. That is not to say that the 49ers would or should cut Frank, but they have the opportunity to clear up serious salary for the younger players. I get that its bad PR to mess with one of the most popular and well respected players on the roster. I guess I'm just weird and hope the team does what is best for the team and not the individual players. Baalke: 49ers not compelled to cut Gore's pay; won't trade LaMichael James (Barrows)

Baalke: 49ers don't need Gore to take pay cut (Maiocco)

Gore may not have to restructure his deal after all (SFgate)

Baalke: Harbaugh Has ‘Big Role’ in QB Evaluation (49ers)

Lattimore still has four years left, figures into 49ers' RB mix now (Maiocco)

Combine notes: 49ers seeking an ILB?; an extra season for Marcus Lattimore (Barrows)

Baalke: 49ers have 'great support system' for Aldon Smith (Maiocco)

49ers focused on keeping own free agents (ESPN)

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