2014 NFL Combine: Schedule, TV info and preview for Day 5


Day five of the 2014 NFL Combine has arrived, which means it is time for the high profile workouts. The skill position players will be going through drills, so it's time to consider what it means for the 49ers.

It's official "glamour" day at the NFL Combine. Day 5 means the quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers are going through the paces with their on-field drills. We'll see big performances from the defensive players on Monday and Tuesday, but Sunday is the big time day.

The offensive linemen, tight ends and specialists have all left town. Yesterday, I put together a quick look at the results from their on-field workouts. I'll have some of the results from today's performances, as well as the rest of the on-field work. Nick and Trevor will follow with more thorough breakdowns on who gained and lost during the Combine. In fact, Trevor is in attendance for today's quarterback and wide receiver workouts, so he'll have some first-hand info.

Sunday NFL Combine schedule

Day 2 arrivals (quarterbacks, wide receivers, running backs)

On-field workout (timing and position drills)
Depart Indianapolis

Day 3 arrivals (defensive linemen, linebackers)

NFLPA meeting
Psychological testing
Bench press
Team interviews

Day 4 arrivals (defensive backs)

Medical examinations
Team interviews

TV Coverage: NFL Network
Online Coverage: NFL.com/combine/live
Start Time: 6 AM PST daily

What does it mean for the 49ers?

Yesterday, Trevor talked about some of the quarterbacks the 49ers might be watching during the workouts. The 49ers don't need a starting quarterback, but it makes perfect sense to take a look at developmental options. There are a few top of the line quarterbacks, but then there are several that will be available late in Day 2, and into Day 3. The 49ers would be smart to bring in a guy they can develop behind Colin Kaepernick. There is nothing wrong with having a strong starter, and a high upside backup to eventually trade.

The wide receiver position will be the one to watch for most 49ers fans. There are some incredible talents in this year's class. The 49ers likely wouldn't give up enough to move up for Sammy Watkins, but I have to think everybody else is available if the 49ers were so inclined. I actually don't think the 49ers make that move, but part of that could depend on how they approach free agency. I think secondary is addressed first, but I'm sure they'll find a way to prove me wrong.

As for the running backs, I just don't see the 49ers making much of a play at the position. They might be keen on some Day 3 prospects, but even that is no guarantee. The team has a ton of running back depth to sort through already. And I don't think they'll be dealing LaMichael James or Kendall Hunter, which means they've got a lot of bodies heading into camp.

Who will you be paying particular attention to during today's drills?

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