2014 NFL Combine: Schedule, TV info and preview for Day 6

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Day six of the 2014 NFL Combine has arrived, with defensive linemen and linebackers hitting the field for workouts. We break down what it means for the 49ers draft plans.

Welcome back for another fun day of NFL Combine action. The skill position players handled their business on Sunday, which means much of the world will slowly start to tune out the Combine. However, we are now moving to the other side of the ball for these final two days. Defensive linemen and linebackers are on the docket today for field drills.

Yesterday, I put together a quick rundown of wide receiver 40 results, and hand measurements. Trevor Woods was in attendance for the quarterback and wide receiver drills, and will have more on that later today. I'll have more results from today's events as well.

Monday NFL Combine schedule

Day 3 arrivals (defensive linemen, linebackers)

On-field workout (timing and position drills)
Depart Indianapolis

Day 4 arrivals (defensive backs)

NFLPA meeting
Psychological testing
Bench press
Team interviews

TV Coverage: NFL Network
Online CoverageNFL.com/combine/live
Start Time: 6 AM PST daily

What does it mean for the 49ers?

The 49ers have some vested interest in how the defensive linemen and linebackers perform. While the 49ers are dedicated much more to what the film says, strong performances can build a little more confidence or potentially break a tie.

Linebackers will be of interest, primarily for day three guys. I suppose the 49ers could look at some second or third round picks, but I really don't see that happening. They have a lot of talent at outside linebacker, so any additions there would be late picks or UDFAs. NaVorro Bowman's potential absence into the season means inside linebacker could possibly use some depth. Michael Wilhoite and Nick Moody are going to get their opportunities, so the 49ers could then either go with a veteran free agent who can play some special teams, or look at a day three rookie.

Defensive line is a little more interesting. The 49ers have excellent starters, and solid depth options. However, right now the most likely long-term option to follow Justin Smith and Ray McDonald would have to be Tank Carradine. Tony Jerod-Eddie and Demarcus Dobbs are solid reserves, but they seem best suited for that kind of role. The question then becomes whether or not the 49ers are comfortable with Tank's rehab, and where he will be when this season gets going. Do they look for more depth early in the draft, or are they comfortable enough to let it ride a little bit?

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