2014 NFL Combine: Schedule, TV info and preview for Day 7


The final day of of the 2014 NFL Combine has arrived. Tuesday means defensive backs will run their 40s and take part in position drills to close things out. We break down what it means for the 49ers draft plans.

We've made it to the end of the 2014 NFL Combine! Huzzah! Tuesday marks the last day of workouts, before the final players depart back home or wherever they are training for the 2014 NFL Draft. This will be our last "open thread" for the Combine, but we'll be back the rest of the week with more analysis on how players performed, and what it might mean for the 49ers. Additionally, the close of the Combine means we will start whipping out scouting profiles to get everyone ready for the 2014 NFL Draft.

Defensive backs get the spotlight today, hitting the drills and running their 40s. In case you missed it yesterday, Trevor Woods had some watch notes for the quarterbacks and wide receivers. He was able to watch them live in Indianapolis on Sunday. He'll be back tomorrow with watch notes on the defensive backs.

Monday NFL Combine schedule

Day 4 arrivals (defensive backs)

On-field workout (timing and position drills)
Depart Indianapolis

TV Coverage: NFL Network
Online Coverage: NFL.com/combine/live
Start Time: 6 AM PST daily

What does it mean for the 49ers?

Yep, this is kind of a big day for 49ers fans. The 49ers may be looking at cornerbacks and safeties with Tarell Brown and Donte Whitner hitting free agency, and Carlos Rogers a potential cap cut. Even if the 49ers keep Rogers, they will need some long-term options. If Whitner sticks around, they might be more inclined to wait a year to grab a safety. This year's class is not crazy deep, but there are some big talents.

Cornerback seems to have some solid depth, and given that the 49ers hold three picks in the first two rounds, at least one of those would seem to be a cornerback pick. The team could trade up or down before then, but I would be fairly stunned if they came out of the first two rounds without a cornerback. The team is working together their draft board as we speak, and is much more reliant on film than Combine performances. However, these drills do still have some value for them. Whether it be a tiebreaker or just confirmation on a given player, they'll be keeping an eye out.

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