Golden Nuggets: Browns say "potato" but Jed says "potahto"

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

Browns say "potato", but Jed says "potahto". Tomato, tomahto. He said, she said. The Jim Harbaugh to Cleveland story has become a back and forth tennis match with the media as the court. Too much ballyhoo over a tiny mosquito that 49ers owner Jed York simply swatted and completely forgot about. This is simply the kind of nonsense that would be ignored or not put up with during the season when games are actually going on. Clearly the most important point here is to just move on and give the man his contract extension. It's a good thing coaches don't count against the salary cap, because Jim definitely deserves to be paid top dollar. His record is exemplary and speaks for itself. So let's get 'er done Jed!

What the Media is Focusing On

49ers' Jed York on Jim Harbaugh: Browns reached out (Rosenthal)

York: Niners nixed Browns' Harbaugh pitch (ESPN)

Jed York learns valuable lesson (Ratto)

York: 49ers immediately dismissed Browns' pursuit of Harbaugh (Branch)

NFL Media treads lightly in criticism of Jed York (PFT)

Jim Harbaugh to Cleveland mess could have been minimized (Lynch)

More on Coach

Who has it better than Jim? NOBODY! | Is Harbaugh key to 49ers success? Absolutely (SFGate)

Niners not inclined to 'beg' Jim Harbaugh to stay (Rosenthal)

Is Jim Harbaugh deserving of being the NFL's highest paid coach? (Lynch)

Oh Look! Some Actual Football News

Good news on the Tank. | Surgeon: Prognosis is probably good for DL Carradine (Branch)

What Do the 49ers Ask Combine Prospects? (49ers)

Jonathan Baldwin Deal Aids Cause (NBC)

49ers safety Dahl agrees to pay cut (Maiocco)

49ers reduce Dahl's salary; more optimistic about retaining Whitner (Barrows)

Options Aplenty at Wide Receiver (Scout)

And the other important contract extension to take note of. | The 49ers start contract talks with Colin Kaepernick... and so far, so good (with a long ways to go) (Kawakami)

Wow and we thought only Russell Wilson cared about charities! NOT! | Kaepernick youth camp all lined up (SJMN)


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