Post-Combine Position/Player Evaluations - Safety

First let's eliminate poor performers from consideration:

Loston (4.65 40, only 12 bench reps, and a vertical of only 32.5", a broad of 119", and a 3 cone of 7.15 sec - all of which were bottom 50% of S performance over the last 15 Combines; 1999-2013), and he came in under 6' w/ short arms (30 3/4").

Bailey (4.66 40, 34" vert, and 113" broad - all bottom 50% of S)

Dixon (4.64 40, 32" vert., 111" broad, and 7.55 sec. 3 cone - all bottom 50% of S)

Ward is slightly undersized at 5' 10 3/4" (didn't participate in the Combine except bench, and maybe he shouldn't have, for a grand total of 9 reps). Good production against inferior competition (only played against 1 ranked team over the past 2 seasons - none in 2013).

Now for higher ranked possibilities:

Joyner, at 5' 7 3/4" is a nickel CB (like Verrett), not a SS who needs to cover big TEs and run stop, which leaves the big 3...

Clinton-Dix at 6' 1 1/4", and 208# was both slow, 4.58 40, and weak, w/ only 11 reps on the bench, couple that with his is 33" vert, 117" broad, and 7.16 sec 3 cone and all listed performances were bottom 50% for S. His college production was moderate at best last year when he faced 4 ranked opponents. He did miss 2 games, but for the 11 he played he came away with 30 solo and 21 assisted tackles (3.5 total TFLs, w/ 2 against #6 OK), 2 INTs and 4 PBUs (all against unranked teams), no QB hurries or forced fumbles last season. Decent, but certainly not 1st round performance, maybe 3rd?

Bucannon at 6' 7/8" and 211# ran a 4.49 40 (top 30% of S), 19 bench reps (top 30%), 36.5" vert. (top 50%), 124" broad (top 30%), 6.96 sec. 3 cone (top 50%). College production jumps off the page. In 13 game season, he played against 6 ranked teams. He totaled 114 tackles (78 solo, 36 assists, 4.5 for loss). Of his 6 INTs last year 2 came against ranked opponents (#11 Stanford, #21 AZ State), he also had 1 PBU on the year. Of the 3 FFs, 2 came against ranked opponents (#2 Auburn, #9 Oregon).

When Bucannon played against #2 Auburn last year he came away with 12 solo and 2 assisted tackles to go with the FF. When Clinton-Dix played Auburn last season he came away with a grand total of 1 solo tackle (that's it).

Pryor came in under 6' (5' 11 1/8") and ran slow 4.58 40, and his broad and vert were bottom 50% performances too. His college production was better than Dix and below Bucannon, but he faced much weaker competition (1 ranked team - UCF - last year). 75 total tackles and 3 INTs highlighted his production. I rank him higher than Dix, but below Bucannon.

Hopefully all the hype (thanks Mayock) about these other 2 makes teams pick them before Bucannon, and he's still on the board when we pick at #56?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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