Golden Nuggets: Can't We All Get Along

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

Wow! Was the combine even this weekend? Doesn't seem like it. This Jim Harbaugh vs. Trent Baalke feud seemed to erupt after news that the Niners were willing to trade Jim to the Browns. But is this really news? I have a hard time believing that the Niners would hold serious discussions about trading the coach that took them to 3 straight NFC Championship games and a few plays from winning the team's 6th Super Bowl for a few draft picks.

And even if you convinced me of that, I would think any successful coach would be targeted by other teams. If a team wanted your coach, wouldn't you want to know what they wanted to offer? I would. Listening to offers does not mean you are serious about it. To me, this feud really means nothing. All they have to do is make the team better. These two guys don't have to like each other. All that matters is that they have the same goal in mind: winning a Super Bowl with the Niners. And they are very close to accomplishing that goal.

49ers Links

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I don't think it would happen, but Jones Drew would fit right in | MJD coming home (Gantt)

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The tension rises... (Farrar)

QBs attractive to Niners (Williamson)

Wilhoite will slot in perfectly for Bowman. Not the playmaker that Bowman is, but a solid player | Wilhoite ready to sub in (Branch)

I can't wait to see what Lattimore does for this team. Could be Gore all over again | Marcus can't wait (Gantt)

Where the HC-GM issues began (Kawakami)

Maybe Harbaugh isn't as hard to work with as Baalke is | Singletary vs. Baalke: They had issues (Maiocco)

Ok, just sign him already. | Whitner deal may be possible (Williams)

Yes! Yes they do. A tough team and a tough player | Do Niners and MJD match? (Williamson)

It's been a make or break year every year for Jim. He wants that Super Bowl immediately | 2014: Make or Break Year for Jim (Banks)

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