Is Jonathan Martin really an option for the 49ers?

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

One journalist says the Niners have some interest, but is it actually feasible?

Would the San Francisco 49ers be interested in the services of Jonathan Martin? You know, that Jonathan Martin who just keeps springing up into discussions all over the place. Apparently, the Miami Dolphins are not interested in his services anymore and are seeking trade partners.

Enter Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, who claims the Niners are a team that would "hold appeal to him" in a potential trade. The other team that Jackson cites is the Indianapolis Colts.

Okay, so my knee-jerk reaction is that this particular author plucked the two easiest teams to tab as part of this group of clubs that could end up interested. It could just be a coincidence, but obviously the Stanford connections play a large role in why these two franchises make any sense.

I don't know if the team is looking to add a tackle this off-season, but there are plenty of reasons to think that such a move is pretty low on the priority list.

Firstly, the 49ers have a couple of pretty ok guys at the position already, and have some young, cheap depth behind them. If Martin wants to continue being paid what he's scheduled to the next two seasons -- base salaries of $825,000 and $1.04 million respectively -- and not be bumped down to the $570,000 league minimum that he'd face if cut as opposed to being traded, I don't see how that's happening in San Francisco.

Secondly, he'd sort of be surplus on a roster and payroll that is saving for more pressing needs. Now, he could be used as a swing tackle. He's got the talent for that, and it is something the Niners have sought in recent years. It would mean not losing Alex Boone from the inside should Joe Staley or Anthony Davis go down or need a breather.

If the Dolphins are unsuccessful on trading Martin and end up deciding on just releasing him, I suppose I could see the Niners considering looking at him. The market for his services shouldn't be incredibly competitive. Bad teams would likely prefer developing their own guy, and good teams may not have a particularly high need. His familiarity with coach Jim Harbaugh's offense -- coupled with the Niners being good -- would mean less pressure as he gets his fresh start. In that sense, it makes this move possible

However, the plausibility remains to be seen. I really see this link as a writer citing two teams that have loose connections to a player, just because it makes some sense at a 20,000 foot level.

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