Golden Nuggets: Demarcus Ware's potential availability and more Harbaugh fallout

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday, February 27 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the internet.

Happy Thursday everyone, It's really amazing how fast the week goes by when you aren't paying attention to football 24/7. I took a quick break from my phone for the Harbaugh drama, but for the most part I have done a good job of not letting the offseason consume my life like it has in the past. Instead I'm letting my life be consumed by all the stuff I was too busy to do during Football season, mainly TV, video games, and futile attempts at reviving my professional poker pipe dream.

One thing I read today that was at first really shocking then made a ton of sens was the Dallas Cowboys possibly cutting Demarcus Ware. It makes sense in that he is making some serious change and has declined over the past few years. He is still an amazing player, but not worth 16 million. Should the Cowboys cut him, the 49ers would probably not be in the sweepstakes, mainly because they have their own players to worry about before any free agents. Personally, I would sacrifice Frank Gore's cap number (with no dead money) for the space to possibly sign Demarcus Ware. With that move comes the hope that Vic Fangio can come to the realization that rotating pass rushers is a good idea and not a bad one. Assuming that Carlos Rogers is cut along with the surprising increase in cap space should allow the 49ers to take care their future extensions as long as Ware receives a short contract.

Anyways, onto the links. First we start with BASG's piece on Harbaugh misconceptions where he makes a good point about the idea that Jim never stays anywhere long. All of those job changes, from San Diego all the way until the 49ers, were promotions. Any sane person would have taken them in a second and Cleveland is no promotion. A couple misconceptions about Jim Harbaugh (BASG)

BASGcast (Ep. 82): Hardraughma with Eric Branch (BASG)

Progress Report: Reviewing the 49ers 2013 Draft Class (Gin)

15 million is more than I was expecting, that should leave enough room for all the transactions the 49ers are going to make barring any mega free agents or trades. 49ers $15 million under salary cap (Maiocco)

The NFL is doing us a real favor with the reported increases in salary cap, but my opinion on Revis remains the same from last offseason. He is a great player but I doubt the FO wants to kill their flexibility by taking on such a big contract and giving up draft picks. Will Revis chatter start again? (ESPN)

49ers can find a gem at No. 30 (ESPN)

Combine wrap: Which WRs are fits for the 49ers? (Barrows)

Speaking for all Richard Sherman fans in niner land, of which I believe I am the only one, I approve. 49ers could be tempted by 'Sherman-esque' cornerback (Maiocco)

Past Perspective: York on Harbaugh/Baalke before Super Bowl XLVII (Branch)

Carmen Policy on solving the 49ers’ tempest: "This really has to be done with a psychological and almost psychiatric precision" (Kawakami)

10 49ers Who Didn't Receive NFL Combine Invites (49ers)

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