My NFL Draft Wishlist

Okay so now that the combine is over and free agency is set to begin, time for my wish lists of players that I feel who could provide an impact and depth the 49ers need to help win games. Last year I provided some rookie names and what they could add to the team. Only one of my wish list guys (Lattimore) was drafted. This year I am going to provide some scenarios to what could happen in free agency FA and the draft and what they could bring the table. Sorry if my list seems a little SEC bias, but some of these guys played at a high level and did declare for the draft. So with that being said, here goes my wish list.

Mike Evans- WR Texas A&M 6-5/231 4.53

Dream Scenario: FA signed Anquan Bolden and Devin Hester (Special Team Impact play who should want to play for a Super Bowl contender).

Why should the 49ers go after Evans? Simple, he plays with a mean streak and knows how to utilize his physic to outduel CBs for the ball. He put up some great numbers against some of the top teams in the SEC and has that run after the catch ability. Who better to teach Evans how to master his craft than Bolden! Here are some quotes from NFL Network, ‘Productive playmaker -- averaged 20 yards per catch in 2013 and showed up in big games (18-566-5 vs. Alabama and Auburn). Good blocker. Physically dominant and tough.’

Martavis Bryant WR Clemson 6-4/211 4.42

Scenario: FA signed Anquan Bolden and the 49ers can get Crabtree for the right price

49ers 1st round pick is a defensive player and 2nd round pick

Why should the 49ers draft Bryant? The guy has that separation speed the team is wanting and has the height to fight for the ball for a red zone threat. He has a little mean streak in him (he did a throat slash during a game to get in the coach’s dog house) and with a little coaching could be that vertical threat the team is looking for. He is my X factor big play guy. He will have the opportunity to learn under two of premiere wideouts and can compete with Patton who will only get better during the season. I can see this guy being that guy that will challenge physical corners and force referees to make the interference call in the red zone.

Aaron Murray QB Georgia 6-1/207 guestimate (4.70)

Scenario: FA signed veteran QB (Freeman is rumor)

So why should the 49ers draft a guy that does not fit the type of QB that could back up Kap? I watch this guy and the players seem to rally around this guy. He’s got a quick release and can elude the pass rusher to stretch the play. Also, he has great accuracy in the short to intermediate areas. I love this guy’s intangibles and work ethics. Here’s the something else to ponder; the 49ers has a knack for stashing players for a year when they are coming off a major injury. We can draft him in the later 3rd or 4th round bring him along during the season or next season. Within 2 or 3 years he will be a player that teams could see as a legitimate starter thus getting a 2nd or gasp even a 1st rounder (I know I know it’s a stretch).

Carlos Hyde – RB Ohio St. 6-0/230 4.66

Scenario: FA Dixon is not resigned

All targeted 1st round players are drafted and following BPA plan

Why should the 49ers draft Hyde? Gore has been the epitome of a franchise running back and will still be the number one priority for any defense. The 49ers will need to rotate more guys in order to keep Gore fresh for the long playoff run next season. This guy is physical but has the speed to get to next level. Some of his ability almost the same as Frank the Tank and to learn how to pass block from one of the greats will only help him and Kap for years to come. From NFL Network, "Punishes linebackers running downhill and almost always falls forward. Superb contact balance and finishing strength -- does not go down easily and can barrel through arm tackles. Extremely powerful short-yardage/goal-line runner". He is considered by some the best RB in the draft so I can see a team trading to draft him.

C.J. Fiedorowicz TE Iowa 6-5/265

Scenario: Are you crazy they drafted McDonald?

Why should the 49ers target another TE in the early rounds? Simple, when Davis was injured; the team offence became limited. Do not get me wrong, McDonald is a hell of a blocker but the he needs to be challenged just like all other players. And why not get a guy that can cause several mismatch in our division. The guy has size and can catch the ball in traffic. He has the speed to run the seam and tough to bring down on initial contact. What better way to inflict punishment on CB is to have a TE run them over and bring the pain. Also, he fit the Balke long arms and hands draft stock. I like to see the 49ers have a big target weapon TE for a change.

Xavier Grimble TE USC 6-4/257 guestimate (4.70) range

Scenario: You still trying to go there in the later rounds?

There is nothing like seeing a TE that is difficult to bring down and loves to punish defensive backs. This guy has been a beast for USC (when healthy) and even during the turmoil at coaching and has the ability to come in and contribute this team (with proper coaching). From NFL Network, "Can work the middle of the field, take a hit and maintain possession. Good hands -- can extend to catch and is a reliable short-to-intermediate receiver. Has the look of a throwback with the ball in his hands -- rumbles downfield and is a load to bring down".

Vinnie Sunseri –SS Alabama 5-11/210 guessing 4.60

Scenario: Hitner is resigned

Late round pick (compensatory)

So why should the 49ers pick Sunseri? The guy is a playmaker hands down. How many players have games why they get a pick 6? Well this guy had multiple pick 6 in multiple games. Before the injury I was looking at this guy as player the team could use. I see him as a backup for depth and special team gunner he would fit right in when healthy. We have ample picks so why not draft this guy and stash him away for next year were he can fully recover from his injuries.

This is only a dreamer’s wish and I know that out of these entire picks maybe one or none will pick by the 49ers. However, knowing that if they do pick one of these guys I saw something that the scouts, GM, HC, and Position Coach saw in film. Come on May!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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