Golden Nuggets: Back to the Silence

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Wednesday, February 5, 2014 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

For much of the 2013 season, Colin Kaepernick was a quiet, reserved player. He didn't have much to say in interviews and press conferences. Then all of a sudden, we hear him in New York during the week of the Super Bowl. I know a lot of the players go to the Super Bowl parties to have a good time after a long, hard season. I have no issues with that. I took issue with Colin talking about the NFC Championship game and Richard Sherman. He said if he had thrown the ball a foot farther to Crabtree, the last play of the championship game would be a TD and Sherman would be a goat. Look, Colin. We all saw the play. Stop talking about it. You didn't throw it a foot farther. Sherman wasn't a goat, but a hero to Seattle. It may not have even been a touchdown. I know Colin is in Miami working out for next season. It excites me that he has that attitude and is ready to work. His work ethic has never been questioned. There just wasn't any reason to talk about Richard Sherman. Be the bigger man and let it go. We all saw what Seattle did in the Super Bowl. What are you going to do to prevent that Colin? Go work on your reading of defenses, progressions, and your passing skills. No one wanted to hear what you should have done. We want to know what you plan on doing about it next season. You are destined for greatness. Time to put in the work to get it! Now on to the links.

Offseason News

The Beast will be back to a field near you / Bowman's Surgery went well (BASG)

Warning, no fine for Lane Incident (Maiocco)

Top 10 49ers Facebook Moments (49ers Staff)

Andy Lee: Proud Day for a punter with Guy's Election (Williamson)

The Super Bowl let the rest of the NFL know. The West is the best and will only get better / NFC West is the Best (Branch)

I'm sure he'll back as soon as humanly possible. Hard to keep a determined player like him out / When to expect Bowman back on the field (Maiocco)

Play #4 of the Top 10 plays of the year (Pentis)

Niner Rankings 51-55 (Williamson)

CBs and WRs are needed immediately. Size and speed are key / Niners Mock Draft (Hammer)

This is very important. We need to keep Seattle's safeties honest. Keep them away from the middle of the field / Deep Threats on Niners List (Williams)

Sunday only gave the Niners more motivation for next season. Another bitter taste that we want to get rid of / Seattle won. It's San Francisco's move (Williamson)

Yes. Simple answer. We beat teams up and Denver was shown to be a team that can't hold up against a physical team / Would the Niners have won against Denver? (Lynch)

Bowman undergoes surgery (Williamson)

Niners warned about sideline collision (Williamson)

Niners, Giants golf for charity (Feldman)

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