2014 Draft Mock with Miami Trade

I keep going back to the idea that the Niners are going to move around in this draft. This will (obviously) require some trading, and of all the many, many possibilities, I really like Miami as a partner ever since someone mentioned it in another post (couldn't find it back, but wanted to give credit)

First, I'll address the obvious for Miami - they need to completely rebuild pretty much their entire OL. They also need (not want, but NEED) to make sure they do it with high character guys. They lost both tackles and both guards from last year and there is a chance that Pouncey will be suspended a few games or so for his role with the bullying of Martin

I have to imagine that if they sit where they are at 19, they will miss out on the three top tackles in this class. The next group of guys do not warrant the 19th overall spot, so they can either trade up to try to grab Robinson/Lewan/Matthews or grab a top guard. They also have other holes to fill, which makes me think that they will want to retain the highest amount of draft picks they can.

It is also interesting to note that York is in Miami as we speak. Likely means nothing, but who knows...

Miami gives: Martin, pick 19, pick 50, 2015 6th round selection

Miami draft picks: 61, 81, 94, 112, 125, 143, 174, 189, 211

SF gives: Iupati, LMJ, pick 61, pick 94, pick 189

SF draft picks: 19, 30, 50, 56, 77, 158, 219, 220, 222

Miami will want to make sure Martin ends up in a great place for him so the story can end well for both sides and go away as much as it can.They net a stud guard who can be the new leader and cornerstone of a rebuilt OL, speed back/return man (that we certainly weren't utilizing), and can still address OT at 61 without reaching. Instead of getting a guard at 19 that could be good in the league, they get one of the league's best and a sure thing. I believe this trade is a win for them.

SF gives a little more than we normally do in trades, but picks up a critical selection in the middle of the 1st (giving us the flexibility to stay put with 2 in the 1st or move up with 19 and a 2nd/3rd to grab someone we really like and still have our 30), moves up in the 2nd, and gets a valuable swing tackle in Martin that I firmly believe can become a very good guard/tackle in the right environment (and can probably be extended at a bargain when that time comes). We also won't be able to keep all our high-end FAs over the next couple years, so we get something in return for Iupati instead of just not resigning him and free up the $$$ needed to strike a deal with Kap, resign Bolden and Hitner, and improve our draft position. I believe this trade is a win for us.

I really like this idea, but please feel free to point out something I overlooked or tell me why this wouldn't happen. Also, feel free to use this trade as a basis to tell me how you'd pick from here, thanks

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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