Mock Drafts are WRONG, I can't take it anymore +FA

So in between my Advanced Epi class and my graduate seminar here at the good ole University of Tennessee I have come to the tipping point of my patience regarding so called expert mock drafts and "Best Fit" predictions. I understand that these experts may not be as enthusiastic as I am about my 49ers and their desktop screensaver probably is not a picture of them at Candlestick for the first time. However, If you are getting paid the big bucks I expects the things you say about my team to make me think to myself, "Hmmmm, he has a point there."

If I see another mock draft that has the 49ers picking a DL with their top pick I will lose it. I have made no bones about it, that I am a former WR, and I am a big fan of that position in general. But throwing my biases aside, I see absolutely no scenario where we draft a DL in the first (or even the 2nd, but we will just stick to the 1st for simplicity). When you draft two DL in the previous draft who were not even in the fold last year and have another on the roster who missed the last 15 regular season games, there is no need to draft anyone at the position. Tank and Dial both road the pine last year. Ian went down week 2. We have Justin, Dorsey, McDonald, TJE and even Lemonier and Aldon put their hands in the dirt from time to time.

I am not one to jump out to the front and call BS, but I am on this one. And if the 49ers do draft a DL in the first I will be 100% stunned. Im talking shock and awe kind of emotions.

The more and more I read and watch from the combine and rumors just floating around, I think the team is set. They know who they want and I see them going to get them. We all see Denver and what they are doing with the big FA signings they are making. Compare the Broncos to the Vikings. Last year the Vikings drafted 3 first round guys with the mindset of building the team around those guys for the future. They do not know for how much longer AP will be that explosive for. And they can't rely on him to carry the load, not because they cant rely on him, but because thats not smart to rely on one guy. The Broncos have Peyton for this year, maybe one more after that, but thats it. Elway knows his best chance is closing soon, hence the big three guys right off the bat in FA.

I tell you that to tell you this. I would rather snag sound players in FA like Bethea and go trade draft picks to go up and get those one or two guys you can build around. I think the best is yet to come for the 49ers. I wanted them to land Gabbert in 2011. They took Aldon. I thought they should have took Dalton, they took Kaep. I really liked Smarko Thomas, and we ended up with Reid. I HAVE BEEN WRONG and I am very much ok with that. I have learned that sometimes its better to fish than hunt (my fellow country folk will get it).

What Im trying to say is Denver is making a splash and they mean business. But if one of those guys go down they are right back to where they started, with an offense that could set a bottle of water on fire and a defense that looked like a cloud trying to stop the sun from shining.

In 2014 we will hopefully have almost 2 draft classes stepping on to the field in one season with Tank, Dial, Lattimore, Patton and whoever we draft this year in rounds 1-3. The team gets 2 years worth of players onto the field in this offseason essentially.

In conclusion, as I get ready for another boring lecture on God knows what about public health... Stop mocking DL to the 49ers, we have enough. Trade up or stay put to draft a CB or WR. Trade down ONLY for a 1st next year + others. And finally, Thank you random 9er fan who made this TN boy's first and last time at the Stick the best day of my life.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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