This May Be THE Worst 49er Mock Draft I've Ever Seen

No offense to the actual person who did this mock for Bleacher Report. It could have been any site. But this is easily the worst I've ever seen. They supposedly say this is POST Free Agency it is supposed to take all that into account. Here's the Link

Pick 30 - Jimmy Ward - S - NIU: Of course, why not take a player who will likely NOT play a down for two seasons (barring injury)...except on ST.

Pick 56 - Jimmy Garropolo - QB: Really!? a 2nd or 3rd string QB who'll be lucky to net us a 3rd round pick in a trade two seasons from now?

Pick 61 - Billy Turner - OT: and exactly who will he replace? Oh I know, he'll leapfrog Marquardt and Bykowski to become Martin's backup at Swing Tackle. Will he ever make a game day active roster?

Pick 77 - Phillip Gaines - CB: FINALLY, they address our most desperate post-FA need...and yeehaw, we get what my be the 15th best CB in the draft. WHOOHOO!!

Pick 94 - Lance Seastrunk - RB: great we finally draft Frank Gore's future replacement...wait, didn't we do that last year?

Pick 125 - Swanson - OC: Yay..another post-FA need filled by a player who won't be around by this time in the draft.

Pick 158 - Some TE from CAL: perfect, we get someone who can compete with Celek for our 3rd String TE position. He might actually win the job and make 10 catches this season.

Pick 189 - We take an ILB. Its a good thing we don't actually need an ILB, cause we don't actually HAVE a sixth round pick anymore. We gave it away in the Gabbert trade...during the FA frenzy, which they supposedly took into account when doing this mock.

Pick 219 - Michael Sams - DE: Yea, we take the token gay player because...well, because we're SF and we LIKE gay people. And even though Sams proved at the combine that he's not worth much...we'll use a draft pick on him because...well, because he's gay and we're SF.

Pick 220 - Bennett Jackson - CB: another CB...too bad he's like the 40th best CB in the draft and will be lucky to make our PS

Pick 222 - A kicker from somewhere....and, of course, accounting for the post FA rush, the mock remembers that we already signed Dawson for two seasons...but hey, we took a kicker and we'll be able to release him later in the pre-season.

I truly want to congratulate the guy who did this mock. He's succeeded in drafting virtually no one who will play a down (barring injury) except as a STer. No WR...No high end DT. He COULD have done worse...but not much worse.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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