Why a WR in the 1st Still Makes Sense (Basically a 3 round Mock)

Chris Culliver's arrest on Saturday has 49ers fans and people around the NFL buzzing. The fact that Culliver ended up with three felony counts against him, the seemingly minor circumstances of the event, and his mind-numbing stupidity in the following sequence of events has people clamoring for his release. The news shattered the hearts of 49ers fans (myself included) who had dreamed of Roger Goodell calling the name of an explosive wide out such as Odell Beckham Jr. Marqise Lee or Brandin Cooks.

So Culliver's arrest makes it a virtual lock that the 49ers go with a corner in the first round, right? Wrong. In my opinion, while this receiver class is the deepest in recent memory, the explosiveness of said receiving class is pretty top-heavy. You've got Watkins, Evans, Lee, Beckham, and Cooks that can almost be guaranteed to be gone by the time day two rolls around. The thing that these guys all have in common is that they are explosive deep threats, guys that can stretch the field and really take advantage of the cannon that Kap has for an arm. They can also, with the exception of Evans, be a big factor in the kick return game. Those two attributes have been something the 49ers have been longing for quite some time now, and seeing how Baalke prefers home-grown talent rather than making splashy free-agent signings, (I'm looking at you, Djax lovers) this draft looks like the perfect opportunity to get that coveted player.

The future isn't too secure in terms of wide outs either. Crabtree is entering his contract year, and he wants to get paid for sure. Anyone else his rookie year holdout? Boldin will be turning 34 this year, and his deal is one that the FO can terminate in two years. Patton is unproven, yet he looks to be dynamic and capable, especially for a 4th rounder. Finding a possible replacement for Crabtree now is priority #1, especially on the cheap when you've got to sign Kaep, Aldon, Iupati, and Crabtree, who I seriously doubt will be back.

But what about guys like Jordan Matthews, Jarvis Landry, Martavis Bryant, Davante Adams, and Jared Abbrederis? Aren't these guys starting-caliber as well, who can be found well into day two? These are the top-flight day two receivers, (sorry Moncrief, your hands suck, Ellington is a little undersized) but they are also big-bodied, possession, YAC guys. We already have two of those guys on the roster, by the name of Crabtree and Boldin. I'm sure that one or maybe all of the players I've mentioned above will be very good players in the NFL in the near future, but the way the team is built now, I think a big possession receiver is just not the right option.

No, I haven't forgotten about the secondary. The 49ers possessing 11 picks in this draft is what the secondary is really going to benefit from. In my ideal draft, the 49ers trade up with Dallas once again, giving up the #30 overall pick, and the #56 overall pick, in exchange for Dallas' #16 overall pick, and snag either Odell Beckham or Marqise Lee. One or the other would be a tremendous addition to a relatively vanilla San Francisco offense. So now the 49ers are officially out of the market for guys like Justin Gilbert, Darqueze Dennard, Jason Verrett, and Kyle Fuller. Surely the secondary is going to be absolutely smoldering this year!

Now let's take a look at the 49ers' picks so far, and in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.

  • #16 overall-Odell Beckham/Marqise Lee

  • #56 Overall- Traded to Dallas

  • #61 Overall-

  • #77 Overall (From Tennessee)

  • #94 Overall-

  • #100 Overall (Compensatory)

So what could the 49ers do in these 40 slots? If they stayed put and drafted at 61, and 77, two very solid, big corners could easily be available. Stanley Jean Baptiste, and Pierre Desir. SJB stands at 6'3 and 218 lbs, while Desir comes in at 6'1 200 lbs. Both are big, physical corners who can draw comparisons to Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. Baalke loves bigger, physical corners. Trading up in the 2nd round is also a very solid option. Baalke could trade into the 47-55 range, by packaging its #77 pick #94 pick, and a 5th rounder, and nab a solid slot corner by the name of LaMarcus Joyner. Joyner, while undersized, is a tough nosed, hard hitting player who can stuff the run, while also being able to stick with the shiftier slot receivers. He is an ideal match for the slot corner position in terms of value, work ethic, and intangibles. Any of these DB's could fill the gap that Culliver leaves.

Now let's recap.

  • #16 Odell Beckham/Marqise Lee WR

  • #47-55 LaMarcus Joyner CB

  • #61 Stanley Jean Baptiste/ Pierre Desir CB.

  • #77-Traded

  • #94-Traded

  • #100 (Compensatory Pick, I think Baalke goes with an interior lineman here.)

  • #129 (Receiver here, maybe Cody Latimer or that 6'6 guy from Rutgers/Syracuse. Coleman?)

  • #170 Traded

  • #242 (QB to compete with Gabbert, probably a guy like David Fales, or if Murray miraculously slips to the 7th)

  • #243 (Josh Mauro, DE from Stanford who will be welcomed by his former coach. Wouldn't be surprised if Baalke traded this pick for more picks next year.)

  • #245 (Probably used for more picks into next year's draft, if not, spent on a guy for ST or camp depth.)

So to recap, 5-7 players added to an already stacked roster, not to mention our redshirted guys from last year. I think that this draft will put SF over the top, and will give Kaep the weapon he needs, and the shoring up and refining the secondary needs to sweep Seattle, and bring that elusive 6th Lombardi trophy back to the Bay.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.

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